Winter theme printable

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Preschool Printable

The printable is based on winter theme especially snow. Along with the activities , we read snow related books.

  • Snow man matching – Take two sets of printout and ask the child to match it with each other.
  • Trace and Match– Ask the child to trace through the dotted line and match the pairs.
  • Mitten matching– It is a combination matching. Child has to combine the three images(mitten, color and shape) and find the correct mitten. The combined image is available in the next page.-Prepared by Poornima
  • I-Spy and count the umbrella -Count the different umbrellas.
  • Get to know the snow animals– Few details about some of the snow animals. Take a printout and read along with the kid.
  • Snow activities- Use it for reading and matching activity.
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