Why it is Important to learn mother tongue- native language

Importance of native language
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The world is a place of diversity. Different cultures, various languages, and a different set of people are living in this world. Though we have a few common languages to communicate, many of us have a particular mother tongue, which we follow in our family. It is perfectly acceptable to learn as many foreign languages as to communicate well with people, but at the same time, understanding and praising our mother tongue is more important. It gives us the pride to learn and converse in our mother tongue

Importance of mother tongue

Learn mother tongue
  • Every other language has some uniqueness, and so do our mother tongue. We need to praise and learn it as much as we can. Talking in the mother tongue at home helps the child grasp things quickly and get a personal bond.
  • It is the best way to reach out to all people who talk in our mother tongue, especially our old generation. Not everyone in our native place can converse in a foreign language, but they can converse in the mother tongue. Our native language plays a major role in such a situation where we can reach out to as many people as we can.
  • Understanding and talking in the mother tongue helps the child to converse well with their grandparents. Grandparents are kid’s best friends, and they connect more with their mother tongue.
  • Mother tongue is the sign of our culture, tradition, and roots. Without a mother tongue, we quickly forget these essential aspects of life. If we missed doing it, we can’t pass it on to the next generation.
  • It is much easier to express our feelings and emotions in the mother tongue. We can quickly relate to events and learn other languages if we have the mother tongue as a base.
  • It is a personal opinion to learn the mother tongue, but learning is valuable.
  • We can enjoy watching our regional movies without subtitles (ha ha!!)

Understanding letters in mother tongue

As a family, converse in our mother tongue Tamil. My daughter is well versed in the language, and she knows as many words as she can. But we haven’t introduced the letters and words visually other than reading books. She picked up the interest in learning the letters and wants to do it daily. As she is in a sensitive period of learning, I want to encourage her more. So, we did some activities at home to learn the letters.We don’t have to force the child to learn anything but we can form a path for the child to explore. 

Learning Tamil

Learning Tamil Letters

There are 247 Tamil letters and they are divided into following categories.

  1. Tamil Uyir Ezhuthukkal.(12 letters)

  2. Ayudha Ezhuthu (1 letter)

  3. Mei ezhuthukkal. (18 letters)

  4. Uyir Mei Ezhuthukkal  (12*18 letters=216)

Activities to learn Tamil Uyir Ezhuthukkal

Uyir ezhuthukkal are said to be vowels and learning them is the basics of Tamil language. We did different activities at home to learn them. Interested in knowing them , Please scroll down.

Learn Tamil language
Learn Tamil language
Learn Tamil language
  • We have this book . It has all letters and corresponding words for the same.
  • To keep it more interactive have prepared this chart and pasted it on the wall.
  • So, she get a chance to watch it every now and then.
Learn Tamil language
Learn Tamil language
Learn Tamil language
  • I have used flash cards for easy understanding
  • Along with wooden letters for best sensory feel. We can use the letters and flashcards for matching activity.
  • And other Uyir ezhuthukkal and Ayudha Ezhuthu matching activity.
  • Draw the letters on both sides and ask the child to draw a line and match it

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Learn Tamil language
Learn Tamil language
  • Write down the letters in a white board
  • Hide all the wooden letters on between paper pieces
  • Let the child find each letter, shout out their names and match it
  • It is a great sensory plus language development activity.
Learn Tamil language
Learn Tamil language- Mother tongue
  • I have used Dot stickers for this matching activity
  • Draw a stem and branch .
  • Ask the child to find the Tamil letters from dot stickers
  • Let them peel and paste it in sequence.
  • This is a great fine motor skill plus sequencing activity.
Learn Tamil language

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From India
From USA
Learn native language
Learn native language
  • I kept this activity as a sense of hearing kind of one.
  • She has to hear the letter which comes out of my mouth , recognize it and paste the sticker on the exact letter
  • This kind of activity helps to develop the sense of hearing, listening skills.
  • She loves doing this one.
  • So, it is simple as hear and paste the letter.


There is no forcing or judgment for learning our native language. But learning gives us an excellent feel as we can pass the beauty to our next generation. If not us, who will praise our native language. If not us, who can lift the roots and save it without getting buried. If not us, who can celebrate our mother tongue. If not us, who can follow our culture, which gives us identity and helps us survive in this diversified world. Let’s join together in saving all our mother tongue and pass on the worth knowledge to our kids. Learn any number of languages and converse in them, but don’t ever forget our native language.

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