Book Review-Where is Amma?

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Book Review-Where is Amma?

Book Name: Where Is Amma

Story by:Nandini Nayar

Pictuers: Srividya Natarajan

Age: After 2.5 years.

Publications: Tulika Publishers


A little boy called “Kiran” is looking for his amma (Mom). He went to the kitchen in search of her. She was not there. Then he looked in the balcony, on the bed, under the bed, in front of the computer. She was not there either. Where does she go? He saw her slippers in front of the refrigerator. He was knocking the refrigerator and waiting for his mom to reply. He asked, “You are not feeling cold inside”,”Are you drinking all the milk”, “Are you eating all the barfis”. He was waiting for his mom to come out. His mother came inside the kitchen from the backside and after seeing his mother, he became so happy. He says” I thought you were inside the refrigerator” and laughed. His mother laughed and hugged Kiran.

My review:

  • We can illustrate this story with real life. Our kids will not leave us for a minute and start to search for us even if we leave them alone for a minute. As like that, Kiran is a little boy who was searching for his mother all over the house and became happy after he saw her.This book has a great illustration, which kids can enjoy.
  • After reading this book, we can do hide and seek, pretend to play with our kids. I did it and had a perfect time
  • I would highly recommend this book for ages 2.5 to 4 years.


Purchase Option:

  • I have got this book from an Indian Mompreneur. Am attaching her Facebook page for reference.

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