What to ask my child after coming back from school?-After school discussion with child

After school discussion with kids

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School life plays a major role in anyone’s life. Kids have mixed emotions and experiences from school. And every love to have regular conversations with their kids regarding their day at school. I am one such curious parent who wants to know what my daughter did at school. It’s not specific to academics, but I love to hear some sort of stories from her. But she’s the kind of girl who never opens up anything after school. The constant answer is “Nothing, Amma” I didn’t do anything at school. I simply went and came back.
Even I got bored of the same answer every single day. So one fine day, I thought to change my way of conversation with her. Instead of open-ended questions, I have started to talk about emotions, her observation kind of stuff. Tada!!!! It’s a great success, and she loves to share it with me.
Kids love to talk and share everything. It’s just in our hands to have the right question or conversation for them.Do you want to know what we discuss after school ?Please swipe down to check more.

After school discussion with kids

After school discussion with my daughter

After school discussion with kids

Kids always love to share about their friends and their school play very much. These kind of conversation helps the child to speak up more and have a beautiful connection with parents/caregiver.If they trust us at early age, they will always trust us throughout their life. 

After school discussion with kids

Like every curious parent, I used to ask my daughter how her school was today and what she had learned. Like many kids, my daughter’s only answer was/is “Nothing, amma.” The teacher didn’t teach anything, and I didn’t learn anything. I simply went to school and came back. Then I understood kids wouldn’t share anything if we asked any open-ended questions or if they couldn’t relate themselves to the situation.

Then I have changed my way of interaction with her. I have started asking questions related to emotions, her observation, friends, etc. She has begun to relate very much to this discussion and started to open up a lot, and we talked about it for hours.

I won’t dump all these questions every day. It’s all a random discussion around these topics.

As a parent, we want to know whether our kids have a good time at school, learn new things, or struggle with any emotions.

I acknowledge all your feelings because I am also one of that parents. But try to have a mindful discussion with the children to know the things. In this way, the child also loves to share their experience happily.


As a primary caregiver, it is much important to have such mindful conversations after school. It helps much to build a great connection between us and they trust us more. Building trust at early age is more important throughout their life

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