What is the role of a parenting coach- What is a parental coaching?

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I am Indumathi Lakshamikanthan, a Positive parenting coach and a certified Early childhood educator. So far, I have conducted 20+ workshops ten + 1:1 sessions with fellow parents. 


Who is a parenting coach

A parenting coach is a new term that many people are unaware of. I will take this opportunity to share the vital role of the parenting coach. 

First of all, I want to clarify one of the most common doubts. 

  • Whether a parenting coach teaches the parents to raise their children, well, it is not true. Parenting coaches won’t teach “How to raise the children”
  • My parents never referred a parenting coach to raise us. Then why do I have to? 

Let’s have a look into these doubts and analyze it.

Well, that’s what a parenting coach do. 

  • They help parents to understand themselves better so they can handle the child better.
  • Parents will have someone to share their parental experience and get a clear mind to lead their parenting life with less stress.

Let’s have a deeper look into parenting coach profession.

Parenting is a challenging journey, and we face numerous problems in our day-to-day life. 

Role of a parenting coach

Positive Parenting Coach

That one friend is the “Parenting coach.” A parenting coach is not the one who teaches gentle parenting always. Instead, they help you deal with your own emotions and bring out the child inside you to handle the child better on your own. 

Positive Parenting Coach

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