What Is Pattern And How To Teach about patterns to Child

Pattern formation for kids
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Understanding pattern


Basic skill for life, groom the kid to practice prediction


after 3.5 years

Materials needed

Any loose materials and observation of own environment

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The pattern is briefly described as a set of designs more accurately repeated design, which is based on some sequence. The pattern is one of the foremost life skills. Just think of any scenario in our lives, for example. Design on our dress, design on cutlery, even the design on a leaf.The pattern helps the children to know about sequencing (Check here to read about sequencing) and make predictions in mind, which further helps them to have order in any work they do in their life, understanding mathematical problems.

This is a very important engineering skill, as well. Whatever building we see, it is built with some specific pattern. We can see the pattern in any water flow. Water flow has different patterns based on the purpose. The fountain has a specific pattern; home tap water has some pattern. Our life is filled with patterns, and understanding them from early age helps the child to have the prediction capacity throughout their life.


The basics for the pattern activity is “Sorting” activity. Sorting helps the child to differentiate things, and we can start it as early as 18 months. Some kind of sorting are

  • Sorting based on materials
  • Sorting based on colors
  • Sort clothes based on family members, and so on.

For preschoolers, we can use any hands-on loose materials to make them understand the pattern. The common patterns as ABAB, AAB, AABB, AABAA etc. We can make anything based on our idea. Start and give a sample pattern and ask them to complete it. While doing such activity, let them explore real-life patterns too, as mentioned above.

Various Patterns

Checkout some of our hands-on activities based on different techniques of pattern and the items can be used.

  • Pom pom
  • Spoons, forks
  • Color papers
  • Pebbles
  • Math cubes
  • Building/lego blocks
  • Pen and pencil and many more loose items.
Pattern formation for kids
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Pattern formation for kids
Pattern formation for kids
Pattern formation for kids
AB pattern formation

DIY Pattern sheets

Check out some DIY sheets

DIY pattern worksheets for preschoolers


We live with patterns, and it is a wonderful life skill and pre-math skill. Hereafter check for patterns in our day to day life in everything. Our house floors, pavement, or sidewalk have a pattern, and many such things follow a specific pattern. Understanding it in an early stage helps the child to apply the idea throughout their life.

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