Top 10 things to keep in mind while sending kids to school

Things to consider while having school going kids

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School is one of the places where the child will spend most of their daytime, and it plays a significant role in a child’s life. The school environment, fellow kids, teachers creates a significant impact on kids, and everyone is much needed for a child’s development. Kids interact with everyone daily, and they love to be with all of them for many reasons. So, as a parent, we can follow specific practices at home to make their environment peaceful and memorable throughout their life. 

Things to consider while having school going kids

1.Don't talk any bad or make fun of teachers.

We may have different thoughts about the class teacher or have some other ideas in mind. We may not like their approach, their teaching style, or it may be anything. If we ever feel something different, please never discuss it in front of the child. This may create unnecessary stress or fear in their mind.We can very well talk directly with the teacher or school authorities.

2.Don't compare teachers

Please never ask, “Who’s your favorite teacher and whom you don’t like”? This comparison may cause unnecessary confusion in their mind. As a parent, we will be curious to know about the school environment and teachers, and we are eager to know how our child Likes it. I acknowledge all your interest, but we can take it differently and avoid the above method. We can approach the child with, “What else your XYZ teacher teaches in class “? “What will they talk about “? “What will she/he do in class”? These close-ended questions help the child to think and talk specifically.

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3.Please move along with the school syllabus.

As many parents are following early education methods and homeschooling, we love to introduce various concepts to the child. I completely understand you because I was one such parent as well. But !!!!, i am here to tell you to take a pause, especially while dealing with math and language. I am not asking you to stop it but to take a pause and move along with the school syllabus. Because if the child learned all the concepts at home, there are chances that the child may get bored when the teacher is teaching the lesson. Again!!! i am not saying every other child will do it, but some kids do it. I have experienced with my daughter where she said her teacher as she has already learned at home, so she doesn’t want to do it one more time at school. From there on, I am trying to move along with the school syllabus, where we explore and practice different ways to understand the same concept. if it is addition, we are exploring different versions of addition (with manipulatives, using worksheets, mental math, finger addition, etc.) 

Things to consider while having school going kids

4.Keep the breakfast simple.

Breakfast is the main food for any human being to survive the whole day. It gives us more energy, and it is the same for kids. Please try not to explore and introduce new food during breakfast time. Always go with the regular food which the child likes the most. If you want to introduce a new one, do it on weekends and start to provide it during breakfast time once the child becomes comfortable. And instead of having one dish, try to have a variety of dishes in a minimum amount, so the child gets a chance to taste all  

5.Please be mindful while talking about their friend's family

Kids are like magnets; they stick to our words, and they absorb everything we discuss at home. So, please avoid any unwanted talks about their friends or their families. It’s not necessary as we need to accept everyone and it’s very common to have differences of opinion. It is better to discuss the same when the child is not in the place.

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6.Never ignore any of their complaints.

Kids at an early age often talk from their imagination and complain about people/friends. This is very common at this age. But sometimes, they may convey the truth as well. So, it is our duty to find whether the complaint is real or just imagination. So, never ignore any complaints; instead, please investigate further and get clarity.

7.Be regular in bed and wake up time.

This is one of the important practices which we need to follow with school-going kids. Please try to be in bed as early as possible based on their school timing. They need good 10+hours of sleep to be fresh the next day. Even if they are one hour late, it will have a big impact on their schedule, let them play in the evening, have good food, and go to bed happily. So, they can wake up on time (it has its struggle, though) the next day.

8.Build a relationship with the teacher

As I said earlier, the teacher’s role is more critical in the child’s life. So, it’s better to have a good relationship with the teacher from our side as well.

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9.Get to know about other kids' parents.

This helps to have play dates on weekends; we can discuss the school curriculum, homework, etc. The child can mingle with the kids outside the school, and they get a chance to visit other’s places for playing or attending parties.

10.Please avoid posting pics with a uniform

If you are a social media person, please avoid posting any details of the child’s school. School name, school picture, teacher name, school address. Especially please avoid posting a child’s image with a school uniform to be on the safer side. 

11.Teachers are not threatening tool for kids

 Most children show aggressive behavior, throw tantrums, resist wearing clothes, won’t eat food, don’t want to brush, etc., and it is very common to threaten the child in some ways. The most common threatening tool is complaining to the teacher. But please never threaten the child to complete any work. More specifically, avoid pulling the teacher into this. Kids must spend most of their day with the teacher and have a good relationship with them. The connection must be healthy and not a scary experience.

It’s perfectly fine to say , ” You teacher said, if you eat good you will be healthy and active”.

But, avoid saying, “If you didn’t finish the food, I would complain to your teacher,” “If you are not going to wear a dress, I will complain to your teacher,” etc. Such threatening is not needed at all as it may create a stress or fear in the child


Starting a school is one of the biggest milestone, new experience f0r both kids and parents. As early age is more important in any child’s life , let us be mindful in our words and actions for the betterment of child’s life.

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