Top 10 Important points to consider while deciding for second baby or multiple babies

Things to consider while having school going kids
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Family is an emotion, and everyone loves family. We, as human beings, love to have kids and want to raise them significantly. Kids play a major role in the family and make anyone’s life beautiful. But there is always a dilemma between a couple on the number of kids they can raise. Some people want to be with a single kid, and others want to have multiple kids. There is no right or wrong in decision-making; it all depends on the couple’s situation. Raising a child is the biggest responsibility, and we need more physical and emotional strength to do it wholeheartedly. We can’t take a step back once we move ahead with the decision. , But we can analyze our lives to make a proper decision about having multiple kids. Here I have shared a few essential points to consider while planning for a second baby. Do you want to read further?

Things to consider while having school going kids

1.Avoid societal pressure

Yes!! It’s common to go through societal pressure to get a second child. I completely understand but take a deep breath and go with what you/your partner decides. Please don’t take the words of family, relatives, or friends inside the brain and proceed to have a baby. This may or may not gives us unnecessary stress. So, please don’t fall for anyone’s word; think well and decide what suits your family best.

2.Don't rely on someone to raise your child

Parents are the sole responsibility for raising the child. We may have relatives, nannies, daycares, and grandparents with us, but the actual child support must come from their parents. Anyone can give food and take care of the child, but the parents can provide unconditional love and emotional support.

3.Check physical and mental health

As a parent, we need to have the proper physical health to compete with a child’s energy. We need pain-free bodies to take care of kids and our families. Even a minor pain in the body creates a big problem in parenting as we may lose our patience and, in turn, show our anger towards the child. So, please take care of your body pains while planning for pregnancy. Along with physical health, our mental state plays a significant role while raising a child. Siblings may fight, both kids will have different preferences, etc. as a parent, we need to practice patience to handle the situation without any storm. Losing our patience is very common, especially when we need to manage multiple kids, but we always need to have a mindset of understanding the child and practice patience for peaceful parenting.

Things to consider while having school going kids

4.Whether I am financially manageable

Raising a child gives us more financial strain. So, we need to be aware of our situation very well. Never decide by considering the present case. It may change at any, so please plan accordingly.

5.Emotional support to kids

Kids’ emotional support plays a major part in raising multiple kids. Sometimes, all the kids need emotional support from their parents simultaneously. As a parent, we need to prioritize their need and support them emotionally without leaving anyone behind. Apart from cooking, cleaning, and doing other stuff, providing emotional support plays a significant role in taking care of kids. As a parent of two kids, I often face this issue, and its a little challenging while raising multiple kids.

Things to consider while having school going kids

6.Age gap between kids

There is no specific age gap is assigned between siblings. Whatever the age gap, it has its own positives and negatives. So, just accept the pros/cons and have the mindset to handle them well.

7.Are you ready for pregnancy?

Mom is the person who is going to travel through the whole pregnancy; she needs to be ready both physically and mentally. Carrying a baby for nine months is a big task, and the mom must stay strong and ready in many ways. This is where parents’ decision plays a major role. Please never fall under the force of anyone or society. Please decide and move forward If you choose to do it.

8.Both partners are on the same terms

Taking any big decision after a mindful conversation with a partner is always good. When it comes to having a baby, both partners must be in the same line because the child needs to get attention from both parents, especially if they are going to stay under the same roof.

9.Don't assume things

We always have the thought as siblings will play together and get along. But it’s not true all the time, and they fight as well along with the way. So, please be ready for such situations to handle them positively. Our emotional balance is more critical in this situation. Otherwise, we may end up shouting at the child or favoring one, especially the younger one.

Things to consider while having school going kids

10.The first child is not a saint

This is one of the sad realities while growing up with siblings. Most of the time, people expect the first child to share, compromise their belongings, take care of their siblings, act nicely so the siblings learn from them, etc. It will suffocate for the first child to face these forceful acts, and they will be under constant pressure to do the right things. It is great to do these things but not under a pressurized situation.

Things to consider while having school going kids

10.Don't consider

Apart from this, you can go for the second child without any analysis if you like having another baby. I fall in this category. My life is good with my sibling, so I want to have two babies. I never had any other thoughts beforehand. After birth, I faced many sibling issues between my two kids, but it has reduced over time. Even now, they fight (Yeah!!! that’s what siblings do), but at the same time, they love each other unconditionally. So, yes, I am feeling good being a mother of 2.

The ball is in your court. It’s finally the couple’s decision more than anything else.

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Having a baby is a biggest decision and we need to be mindful in doing it. Please analyze whatever points you want and move ahead with your decision. Good luck and happy parenting

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