Top 10 calming techniques for kids to handle their emotions

Best calming techniques for kids
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Emotions are part of human and we humans are surrounded by emotions. Every human goes through various emotions such as happiness, being sad, getting mad which is a mixture of both good and hard ones. Whenever we go through such emotions we won’t be in our sense and kids go through this very often as their brain is still developing. It is highly recommended to stay with them during such emotional time and exposing them to various calming techniques helps much for better life. Whenever the child goes through emotional rollercoaster acknowledge the emotions/feelings, allow them to go through it for some time and introduce the calming technique. Please not to jump right away to teach them the calming methods. Acknowledging the emotions comes as the first step then go for calming. Do you want to know such simple calming techniques to teach the kids and support them, please scroll down.

1.Breathe in and breathe out

Breathing is one of the best and simple calming technique which can practice right away. Even it is easy for the kids to do it as they can do it from the place where they are. Ask the child to breathe for the count of 5 or as per their choice and let them go off their stress out.

2.Counting and reverse counting

Ask the child to count from 1 to 10 or the reverse counting, for older kids. These counting eases the stress in them and they can become calm without being angry for longer time. We can go for A to E or any sort of sequential count which is comfortable for the child to follow.

3.Jumping jacks

Most of the kids love to be physical during early age. For such kind of kids, some physical activity helps much to calm them down from anger. This in fact make them so happy and more energetic while doing it. We can even make it as a play and do it along with the child.

4.Touch water/ Drink water

Water is a great source to calm our nerves. If possible, please keep a glass of water nearby, so whenever the child losing their control, we can ask them to sip the water. This helps much with reducing the stress. If the child doesn’t want to do it, allow them to touch the tap water for few seconds. Touching the water helps much calming the child


Always try to keep a plain notebook or some papers with crayons, color pencils, markers visible to the child. Coloring is one of the best calming methods for kids to practice. Let the child do some coloring or drawing whenever they want to calm down their stress. Coloring helps a lot to calm down a human throughout their life. Please try to introduce this beautiful calming technique so they can follow it whenever they want.

6.Read a book

Reading a book is one of the best ways to calm down the child emotions. Books helps the child to diver their brain from a storm mode to interesting calm mode. At the same time, they get a chance to learn valuable things


Physical stretches help much with relaxation. Relaxing our muscles gives them physical and mental freshness which in turn helps the child to calm down their emotions in a healthy way.

8.Walk or Run around the house

Any sort of physical activity helps to calm human nerves. Physical relaxation helps much with kids and it is much simpler way as well because kids love physical move a lot. Whenever the child is under emotional spiral, acknowledge their emotions and ask them to move around the house for few times. This helps the child to calm themselves in a healthy way.

9.Hug mom/dad and talk to them

Is there any other beautiful place other than parents. We all love our parents so do our kids. They love us unconditionally and let them stay with us to calm down their emotions. Our single touch, a warm hug helps them to cope up with any sort of emotions. Give them a soft hug, pat them, rub their cheeks, hands to support them with emotional wave.

10.Sit/lay down on the sofa

Sitting idle for some time helps with handling emotions. Allow the child to sit in a couch or on the floor for some time. Stay with them emotionally and physically though. Let them calm their nerves in a gentle way.

11.Punch the sofa or soft toy

It’s perfectly fine to calm our emotions in any way without hurting us or others. Some human need little harsh method to calm them , for them punching a sofa or squeezing a soft toy helps.

12.Make a fist and release for the count of 5.

Ask the child to have a fist and let them release it along with some breathing as well. This simple exercise helps the child to calm them down. This is great for their muscle development. Kids can calm them on their own with this simple technique.

Please find some more techniques as well below.

  • Name some animals, birds etc.
  • Write the emotions
  • Move away or go outside
  • Do wall pushup
  • Talk to grandparents
  • Take a bath
  • Blow a paper / bubble
  • Chant a mantra
  • Look at calming jar
  • Pop the bubble wrap
  • Dance for favorite song
  • Build a house with building blocks/ magnetic tiles
  • Stay in a gentle wind


Understanding and calming our emotions is much needed for any human being. Kids go through various emotions at an early age, and it is always important to support them throughout the process by being with them and helping them apply calming techniques. It is always good to start the practice early because it’s easier to calm ourselves with a consistent approach.

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