Activities for 30 to 36 months old toddlers- Part 4 Visual Discrimination

30 to 36 months, Kids Activities

Visual Spatial Intelligence.


Visual development


After 30 months

Materials needed

Different color Sheet, pen , cardboard

Visual discrimination is the ability to find a difference in the same kind of images(though it’s minor). Discriminating between the visuals is much essential in every other place for a kid. For ex. Many kids may have difficulty in distinguishing “b” and “p” in the same way between “9” and “6” and many more once they started their schooling Developing this skill in the earlier days may help them to cope up with differences in future.

Spatial intelligence is the ability to find, visualize the position of the same object, shapes. For ex: If three objects are placed at position a,b,c in image1 and the same set of objects are shuffled and placed as b,c,a in image 2, kids have to find and differentiate both images correctly.

  • Draw a picture with slight variation and ask the kid to match it.

Visual Discrimination Activity​

Materials needed

Building blocks, Color pencils, cardboard and Paper

  • Take some different colored building blocks.
  • Draw a square shape and fill it with the color which matches building blocks.
  • Kid has to stack it vertically w.r.t to the color mentioned in the paper.
  • It’s a great visual discrimination activity.

Visual Discrimination Activity​

Materials needed

Foam sheets cut into different shapes, cardboard and Paper

  • Draw the shapes of different size (circle, triangle, rectangle etc.) and ask the kid to match it. I have used the foam material for matching, we can use another set of paper also.

Spatial Intelligence activity

Materials needed

Color pencils, and Paper

  • Draw two sets of some shapes and color it.
  • Draw two pairs of same shape and color it as (1 and 4 of same color and 2 and 3 of another color).
  • Cut and take out the pairs separately from the second sheet.
  • Ask the kids to match it . At first they will get confused while matching between (1,2 and 3,4). But they will figure it out.
  • It’s a great visual spatial discrimination activity.

Spatial Intelligence activity

Materials needed

Pen and Paper

  • Draw any shape. We did this activity with circle. Draw different kind of patterns.
  • It’s a great spatial intelligence activity .
  • Every other picture looks same but the position of lines are at different place.
  • Let the kid match the pattern.

Visual discrimination activity can be done easily at home with available material. Fellow blogger has great such activity on her blog. Look at her blog for easy visual discrimination activity

Please click here for more visual discrimination printable.

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