Three Best Ways To Develop Color Gradient Skill In Kids

Color gradient for children
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Introducing color gradient


        Color gradient means getting more shades from one particular color. We can get multiple color tones out of one specific color. For example, if we take red, instead of one we can make different shades out of this same red color. It varies from a lighter tone to a darker one. 

        Understanding this concept at an early stage helps them to sort and group the different shades of the same color. Because as per the child, red is one color, and they get confused between light and darker shades of red. This concept mainly works in digital photo space, Painting, anything related to drawing. 

        And the best part is, color gradient creates more views out of the same color; it is a treat to eyes. 

        But, how can we develop the color gradient skill simply? Here we can proceed with a few DIY activities to understand the color gradient concept. These were our results. Let’s have a look at them. 

Sorting Crayons


Ability to find all shades of particular color


After 3.5 years

Materials needed

Different crayons, scissors, glue

Color gradient skill in kids
  • Do you have tons and tons of crayons at home? Then definitely try this activity. We have got loads of crayons box as a gift, and those gifts help us to come up with this activity. Thanks to all my friends who have gifted these beautiful crayons.
  • Mix up all the crayons and ask the child to sort all the shades of the same color and arrange it.
  • First, let them identify the shades and organize them. Once they become master in it, ask them to sort from lighter to a darker shade.

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Color gradient Matching

 In addition to arranging crayons, we can use it for color matching as well.

Color gradient matching
  • Using the shades, color in two different papers.
  • Cut down the second sheet and ask the child to match it with the first one
  • Once completed, explain to them about the lighter to darker shades

Cut and glue

Color Gradient
Color Gradient
Color Gradient
  • Ask the child to color a sheet of paper with all shades of the same color.
  • Let them cut it with Child safe scissor.
  • Draw any picture of your choice.
  • Let them paste those cuts with glue.
  • We enjoyed doing cut and glue activities.
Color Gradient

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Cut and Glue game


Fine motor skills


After 3.5 years

Materials needed

store-bought cut and glue book

Cut and glue books are good for the development of fine motor skills and concentration. I bought this book from a Facebook Mompreneur. I am Sharing her Facebook group link here

Cut and glue for kids
Cut and glue for kids
Cut and glue for kids
  • This is a set of 4 books
  • They have a reference image, and all those pieces are mentioned below for the child to cut and paste
  • Ask the child to cut the pieces and glue it either as per the reference picture, or they can stick as per their imagination
  • My daughter cut down all the pieces using child safe scissors on her own
  • Pasted some as per the reference image, some on her own using glue.
  • It is a high motor and concentration building activity
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