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There are several ABCs of parenting that you should know more about. It is not enough to enroll your kids in a reputed academic institution, take care of basic needs and also enroll them in online hobby classes for their development. Yellow Class offers several online kids activities at home that will foster cognitive, emotional, intellectual and social development but some responsibilities still remain on your part. There are some basics of parenting that you should always follow, no matter what. Here’s taking a look at the same closely:

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Basics of parenting

1.Enhance self-esteem of your kid

Children start building their sense of self as little babies when they view themselves in the eyes of their parents. Your body language, expression, voice, tone and other aspects are readily absorbed by little kids. Your actions and words will play a big role in this regard. You should boost their self esteem, praising them, congratulating them, letting them know how proud you are, making them feel special and so on. Do not compare with others, make insulting comments and snide remarks.

2.Find their good deeds

Instead of always catching mistakes made by your kids, catch them doing good and positive things instead. Without over criticizing your little ones, make sure that you catch things that are done absolutely right. Find kids making their beds, brushing their teeth, eating meals on time, studying, creating something and then let them know how you spotted them doing a good thing.

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3.Discipline is a consistent affair

Discipline should be in each home. The goal is to help children learn about what behavior is acceptable and also the virtues of self-control. Establish ground rules early on and stick to them consistently without going overboard or over the top.

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4.Give time to your children

This is the biggest rule of good parenting, something that cannot be substituted by anything in the whole world. Make sure that you give as much time as possible to your little ones. Talk to them, communicate, listen to them, reassure, guide and help them navigate life. Quality of time matters more.

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5.Be a role model for your kids

Your behavior, discipline, self control, affectionate nature and actions will serve to educate your children. Before losing control or blowing hot and cold, consider what you will be teaching your children likewise. Be whatever you wish your kids to become, i.e. compassionate, respectful, honest, tolerant and kind along with unselfish.

6.Communication is key

Make sure that communication gaps do not arise. You should take time in explaining things to children without imposing anything blindly on them. You should reason with children, discuss things and let them work it out in their own way.

7.Flexibility always counts

Make sure that you adopt a flexible approach towards parenting. Do not be rigid and uncompromising all the time. Adapt to changing situations and evolve your parenting style accordingly.


Parenting is a beautiful journey and we can make it more happy if we follow the ABC’s os parenting.

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