Book Review-Thakitta Tharikitta Bouncing ball

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Book Name: Thakitta Tharikitta Bouncing ball

Story by:Jacob Samson Muttada

Illustrated by:Ashok Rajagopalan

Age: After 2.5 years.

Publications: Tulika Publishers


Little boy “Abu” was playing with his big red ball. “Tharikitta thakitta tharikitta thakitta” the big red ball runs away. It went away further and falls on another little boy “Kuttan.” He kicked the ball, and it went up to the mountains and down the hills. After traveling for different places, it fell on the fruit basket and came out of the basket. Abu’s father went to the market and came back. The ball rolls out of the bag. Thakitta tharikitta thakitta tharikka ,Abu plays with the red ball again.

My review:

The highlight of this book is, it has a lot of rhyming words, which the kids like to hear. We can do pretend to play with the red ball, by hiding it somewhere, ask the kid to kick the ball and so on.

I would recommend this book for kids of 2 to 3 years old.

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  • I have got this book from an Indian Mompreneur. Am attaching her Facebook page for reference.

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