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*Bold letters are from Tamil language*

Tamil new year is known as “Tamil Varuda pirapu” or “ Tamil Puthandu” on day 1 of Tamil month “Chithirai”.

On the eve of Tamil new year, people spread three kinds of fruits ( Mango, Banana, and Jackfruit ) called as Mukkani- Ma, pala , vazhai along with coins/rupees , mirror, flowers, betel leaves. On the day of Tamil new year, People saw this plate as the first thing in the morning.

The famous dish on the new year is “Mango Patchadi”, which is prepared with raw mango – Sour, Jaggery – Sweet, Neem leaves-Bitter, Red chilies – Spicy. The reason behind is to understand life is the mixture of all taste, and this year is going to be the combination of all flavors. 

The Printable Contains

  • I-Spy the three fruits ( Banana , mango and jackfruit)
  • Learning train
         Learn about Tamil month and numbers.
         Cut down into separate compartments and ask the child to paste it in a sequence.
  • Match the item based on the taste.
         Cut down the eatable and organize based upon the taste.
  • Color it
  • Coin Counting
         Count the coin and mark the number.
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