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Product art Vs. Process art
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Process Vs Product Art


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Materials needed

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What is Art?

Art is the outcome of our thoughts, creativity, and it is an essential activity for social-emotional development during early childhood. It helps in the development of many skills, along with creativity. Emotional regulation (Controlling their own emotion) is an aspect of social-emotional competence. We can develop it through the regular practice of Art.

 Do you believe Art can be a tool to reduce the tantrum? Yes, it helps. Try it out next time. Whenever a child has a meltdown, grab a piece of paper and ask the child to draw whatever they want to. I mean, they can express child feeling through Art, and we can name it. This process leads to further conversation. The child can get a chance to get out of their meltdowns without any harm. But with satisfaction as their feelings are acknowledged.

Art in Early childhood:

We can classify Art into two categories.

  • Process-Oriented Art
  • Product-Oriented Art.

Product-oriented Art:

 In this product-oriented Art, children get to know the end product, and they have to follow a step-by-step procedure to finish the work and get the same output. The process goes in the way where they have to copy the finished product or the instructions given by an adult. It may lead to frustration if the product doesn’t come as expected.

Process-oriented Art:

 In this Process-oriented Art, there is no specific end model or instructions. Instead, the child can apply their creativity and create anything on their own. Process-oriented Art is an open-ended project where they can focus on exploring anything they want and develop a model of their own choice. And the best part is the experience is calm, creative and relaxing.

We can select whichever suits for child development. I know what you are thinking, No product-oriented approach is not the wrong choice all the time, and we need to avoid it altogether. It also teaches excellent skills to the children. They get to follow multiple steps by step instruction to complete any project, which is one significant skill they are learning through it. Though it doesn’t apply creativity, it helps in some other way, like following a procedure, instructions, etc.

        Are we done here? Nope, please scroll down to look at our artwork.

Check out some of our art activity which is a mix of both process-oriented and product-oriented Art

Process oriented art:

  • I have presented these vegetable peels to explore as per her wish.

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Plantain peel

Cut down the top portion of the plantain and let the child do stamping.

As we did loads of stamping in the past, she wants to do it with plantain peel too.

Lady’s finger Peel.

Carrot Peel art work:

Building block:

  • Building art using building blocks.
  • Paint the building blocks and stamp it on the paper.
  • Draw windows, door, car and create it as an apartment.This was her idea

Product oriented art:

1.Cut and glue the tree with Vegetable peel

This one is kind of product oriented art, where I asked her to use ridge guard peel and onion peel to fill up the tree.

  • She chooses ridge guard for leaves and onion peel for stem.Though the creativity is little less in this , she did choose the item , did cutting and pasting them. She got to increase her fine motor skill.
  • Art is not only about creativity , it is a mixture of various skill development as well.

2.Recreating the picture.

This is her current favorite. 

  • Recreating the picture from her own books.
  • This is one self-initiated product related art. Though the scope for creativity is less, she is developing various skills such as copying , following a procedure, getting a finished product as per the reference.

Benefits of art:

It helps to increase fine motor skill, creativity, logical thinking, provide relaxation, satisfaction in work, Follow the guidance , concentration and everything on the whole

Get child interest:

Art is also like one of the activity and many children doesn’t show interest in doing it. It is perfectly fine , if they are not interested. But we can follow few steps to develop the interest. This may or may not work aswell.

  • Always display the art and craft supplies neatly in the play area. Neat arrangements grab their attention.
  • Keep the art supplies of their height. Yep!!. And please keep them in a transparent container with a closed lid.It clearly gets the child's attention.
  • Keep them process-oriented approach-Open ended.
  • Sit and color with them.
  • Please don’t force at any time. It causes stress rather than interest.
  • And please don’t stress yourself. It’s not a mandatory thing to do. Kids may develop other skills in their own way other than art.


Art is an art be it is product or process oriented art. Always incorporate art as a routine event during early childhood. It helps for the development of various skills in children starting from creativity, fine motor skill, follow the instruction and many more. Always keep it as a relaxing activity rather than expecting any great output.

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