How to make secondary colors from primary colors- STEM experiment for preschoolers

Primary and secondary colors
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Experiment on primary and secondary colors


Colors represent happiness. They are a wonderful gift for us. Think of the world without any color. Definitely, it won’t be appealing correct; Colors fills our life. As far as I know, each color denotes some emotions and feelings. Colors are an indication of any work, sign, and many more. IF we take a traffic signal, it has different colors to denote the signals.

Just a rough calculation. Are we aware of how many colors are available in this world? Whether all these colors form on their own. No, it is not possible except for three colors, the remaining forms with a combination of two or more colors. Those three colors which formed without any mixing are called “Primary colors.” By combining two primary colors, we get “secondary colors,” The further combination gives us tertiary colors.

Come, let dive into the world of colors. Here we took three glass jars, water, and food colors to experiment.

1.Primary colors

Primary and secondary colors

Three different colors are said to be primary colors. They are red, blue, and yellow. Ask the child to add a few drops of these three colors in the glass jar. Let them understand what all the three colors are. The image stays in their mind rather than words. So, always hands-on activities are important to understand any concept.

2.Secondary Colors

With a combination of two different primary colors, we can get the secondary colors.

Ask the child to add a few blue color drops in a red jar and ask them to observe the mixing. Let them say the color after looking at the result. In the same way, red drops in a yellow jar. Few drops of yellow color in the blue jar. Tada!!! Secondary colors are here- Purple, orange, and green.

  • Red + Blue = Purple.
  • Red + Yellow= Orange.
  • Blue + Yellow= Green.
Primary and secondary colors
Primary and secondary colors

3.Tertiary colors:

Tertiary colors form after the combination of primary and secondary colors together.


 By understanding this combination, we can form any number of colors and explore the world of colors.

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