Preschool activities (3 to 4 years)

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Preschool activities (3 to 4 years)

Activity Id :1

Activity Name :Understanding Directions

Benefits: Fine motor development, Thinking ability .

Required age: After 3 years

Material needed: Cardboard , Marker, Readily available material which has top and bottom (Spoon, fork, pen, pencil, car, animal figures etc.)

  • Draw many arrows facing different directions.
  • Ask the kid to arrange the material as per the arrow mark( Top facing the arrow).
  • And talk about the directions (Right, left, top, bottom , side )
  • We can use vehicles , animal figures also to match with the arrows.
  • We can do coloring activity based on the arrows as mentioned in the pic.
  • Click the below link for free printable template and download it.

Activity Id :2

Activity Name :Hair Cutting Scissor activity

Benefits: Fine motor development, Pre-writing skill .

Required age: After 3 years

Material needed: Paper, pen , Child scissor, Yarn, colored paper.

Scissor activity is a great pre-writing skill which helps to develop hand muscles, finger muscles in particular. It gives the excellent opportunity to use every other portion of hand. Kids need strong muscles before they start to write, so it’s good to do such kind of activities before they start writing.

  • Cut down papers in rectangle/Square shape.
  • Draw some faces on all the pieces.
  • Paste the colored paper on the top (Like the hair on the head).
  • Cut down the colored paper as stripes.
  • Same with yarn too.
  • Provide the child scissor and ask the kid to cut the paper like hair cutting.
  • Instead of cutting the hair stripes , we can draw a line and ask the kid to cut the stripes by themselves.
  • It’s a great pre-writing skill activity and kids love to do the same .

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  1. Great ideas.My daughter loved the hair cutting activity and we pretend played a long as a hair dresser and customers waiting for haircuts. We had great fun☺️Thank you

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