Best sensorial activities and logical thinking activity for preschool kids

Sensory activities for kids
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Sense of touch for kids


Sensorial development, understanding body parts and their senses


Above 3.5 years(Or as per child’s interest)

Materials needed

Any kids known materials , various vegetables/fruits , different textured clothes, gloves (or) balloons , rubber band, cloth to blind fold.

            Understanding the different senses is more important for a child’s overall development. It helps to sharpen the child’s intellect, control, and prepare them for more advanced exercises. The child learns this skill by using their hands and mind. In this activity, let us look into touching sense.

  • Collect safe items around the house, always use the known items to the kid.
  • Load them inside the bag and blindfold the child. 
  • My daughter doesn’t want to use the cover, so I have closed her eyes. 
  • Ask the child to take the object, touch, and find the name. In this way, they get to understand the sense. 

Take small items (Buttons, any legumes here I have used peanuts, other dhal, flour etc.) and fill them in two different gloves. We can use balloon too.

Present everything in front of the child and handover one pack. Ask the child to find the matching pair.

  • Present different textured cloth . Let the child be blindfolded.
  • Ask them to touch and find the material.
  • We can provide silk, cotton, wool, net, fleece etc.
  • We can use the same for matching as well. Take two sets in all texture and let them touch and match it by blindfolding.

Other options for touching sense:

  • Different vegetables and fruits.


Self-Correcting Puzzle


Logical thinking, concentration


Above 3 years

Materials needed

Paper, pen and colors)


  • It is a DIY puzzle game.
  • Draw three different pieces (2 pieces are similar any other picture).
  • Draw one complete picture and cut into pieces.
  • Ask the child to match it.
  • Great logical thinking activity for kids
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