Preschool Activities ( 3 to 4 years)

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Replication of pattern/Pattern matching


Fine motor development, Logical Reasoning


After 3 years (Or based on child’s interest)

Materials needed

Paper, pen , various colored materials (Dominos, button nails or anything available at home)

Pattern Matching using Dominos

  • Hang different harmless objects to baby height
  • As they are swinging , babies gets excited to watch and touch the toy.
  • Let them touch and explore it .
  • He loves watching the movement and plays with it.
  • He is playing with this toy for more than 2 months now.

Pattern Matching using Button Nails

  • This is using button nails.
  • I drew different shapes so it will be little interesting for her to do .
  • After getting experienced, slowly introduce difficult ones.
Left side is mine and she did the right side one
Little complicated pattern
  • Always start with some materials (physical objects instead of worksheets )
  • Made this dominos replication without using any paper.
  • Arrange the dominos in some pattern and ask the kid to replicate the same
  • My daughter got bored after the fourth pattern, and she made some different patterns on her own after that.
  • After doing with real objects, we can introduce coloring patterns.
  • Draw some patterns and color it.
  • Ask the kid to replicate the same .
  • This is not a one time or one day activity.
  • Continue doing it whenever possible. So , kids can get the complete concept behind it.
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