Preschool Activities ( 3 to 4 years)

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Preschool Activities ( 3 to 4 years)

Replication of pattern/Pattern matching

Activity Id :3

Activity Name :Replicating the pattern

Benefits: Fine motor development, Logical Reasoning

Required age: After 3 years (Or based on child’s interest)

Material needed: Paper, pen , various colored materials (Dominos, button nails or anything available at home)

Pattern Matching using Dominos
  • Draw a pattern (Here I drew a square with 4 blocks)Top one is mine and bottom she did.
  • Place the dominos(any colored objects) on all the blocks.
  • Ask the kid to replicate /copy/match the pattern as ours.
  • Let the kid do it on another set of the pattern drawn next to it.
  • Start with basic or simple pattern for not to overwhelm the kid at first.
various pattern and matching with button nails
  • This is using button nails.
  • I drew different shapes so it will be little interesting for her to do .
Left side is mine and she did the right side one

After getting experienced, slowly introduce difficult ones.

Little complicated pattern

Always start with some materials (physical objects instead of worksheets )

Pattern matching without any paper
  • Made this dominos replication without using any paper.
  • Arrange the dominos in some pattern and ask the kid to replicate the same 
  • My daughter got bored after the fourth pattern, and she made some different patterns on her own after that.
Pattern matching with colors
  • After doing with real objects, we can introduce coloring patterns.
  • Draw some patterns and color it.
  • Ask the kid to replicate the same .
  • This is not a one time or one day activity.
  • Continue doing it whenever possible. So , kids can get the complete concept behind it.

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  1. These are such smart ideas to do with your kids. Especially since it gets them working on their hand writing, coloring, and precision all in the same time. And it is quite simple to do! And I don’t need to worry about a mess!

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