PreSchool activities (3 to 4 years)

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PreSchool activities (3 to 4 years)

Fine-motor skill activities for Pre-schoolers

Activity Id :7

Activity Name :Rubber band transfer

Benefits: Fine motor development 

Required age: Above 3 years

Material needed: Rubber bands, 2 bowls and 1 with water, tongs.

  • Provide the material and ask the child to transfer the rubber band with tongs. 
  • As the rubber bands float, it gives more challenges for the kid to transfer it after a few pieces. 

Activity Id :8

Activity Name :Lock and Key

Benefits: Fine motor development

Required age: Above 3 years

Material needed: Locks and Keys.

  • Provide some locks and keys and let the kid explore it. 
  • I have provided press lock (which is simple for this age)
  • They have to find a suitable key, insert it, and open the lock. 

Activity Id :9

Activity Name :Nuts and Bolts

Benefits: Fine motor development, concentration

Required age: Above 3 years

Material needed: Different size nuts and bolts

  • Provide some nuts and bolts and let the kid explore them.
  • By doing such activities, they get proper finger strength. 

Activity Id :11

Activity Name: Self-Correcting Puzzle

Benefits: Logical thinking, Concentration

Required age: Above 3 years

Material needed: Store bought puzzle, paper  and pen (to prepare at home)

  • It is a 2-piece puzzle, where one piece has a full picture, and the other one is split pieces of the same picture. 
  • Children have to match them accordingly. 
  • It is a bit challenging for the first time, as every piece looks the same. 

Have prepared few at home. Though  not as the store-bought, this one gives a rough idea.

  • She got confused and matched only the pattern without observing the shape.
  • She understood it after some tries.

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6 thoughts on “PreSchool activities (3 to 4 years)

  1. Thats a lovely post on improving motor skills Indu. There are many online games of matching the shapes and all and with a touchpadf or laptop, it is great to use. I tried it with my grandson and he loved them.

  2. The ideas shared are quite interesting to engage children during home. However, I would like to share one thing that please let the child do the activity of fixing nuts and bolts in strict supervision of guardian. I am not discouraging this point but just want to ensure the safety of children as kids might take those stuffs in their mouth or nose and that is not safe.

  3. wow. such quick and easy ways to engage kids at home. not just 3-4 years..m sure my almost 5 yr old son would also love them and he will be engaged for sometime before i can finish off the work in these home quarrantine days.

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