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Practical Life

Kids always follow us and love to reciprocate things. They like to involve themselves in household chores most of the time. Engaging kids in practical experience during the earlier age will teach them to be independent, very social and to lead a successful life. Being at home or outside Knowing our own environment is always good. By understanding, day to day activities will help in contributing a lot to self and social life also. All the activities to be done under adult’s supervision. Will be helpful in the development of gross motor, fine motor , sensorial skills. 

1.    Doing laundry together

2.    Wipe the wet floor.

3.    Keeping the books/toys back on the shelf after reading/playing.

4.    Cleaning the house/ household items

5.Watering the plants.

6.Cutting vegetables with baby knife/Vegetable cutter.

7.Preparing chapati/Roti by rolling the dough.

8.Arrange the shoes in order and keep the same in shoe rack after returning back to home.

9.Help during shopping time

10.Hanging the jacket in its place.

11.Putting the dirty clothes in laundry basket

12.Keeping the used plates in sink after having food.

13.Throwing the trash in trashcan. 

14.Arranging the pillows after waking up.

15.Sorting out grocery items .

16. Serves food/water to everyone.

17. Hanging the wet clothes.


30 thoughts on “Practical Life

  1. That’s an excellent list for small children. My little ones like to be involved in the household activities, but not so much about their toys. We are still working on it 🙂

  2. I ran a Montessori School for years. The way I fell in love with Montessori education was because of the practical life school that kids are empowered by doing from such a young age. Thanks for reinforcing the concept!

  3. This is so wonderful! My brother & I used to do things like this with my parents when we were younger, & I think it really made a profound impact on us as we grew up!
    -Madi xo | Black Bean & Sweet Potato Stew – Vegan

    1. Thank you. I never did any work in my childhood and am still struggling with normal household chores. I want my daughter to learn things from her childhood to lead a successful life.

  4. It’s so good to get kids started on these habits. Kids really do want to be involved, and it’s important to start them on doing chores from an early age.

  5. I love this post so much! Many times we don’t give our toddlers the credit that helping is so good for their overall development. My daughter the other day came in the bathroom when I was cleaning it and wanted to help scrub the toilet. Was so cute to watch her do it with me!

  6. Wish I’d seen this sooner. Mine are 6 and 8 now. Teaching them these things from the get go would have been best. Great advice!

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