Pink and Blue

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Pink and blue


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Ritu Vaishnav


Vishnu M Nair

My daughter is 3.5 years old and for past few months she has started to talk a lot about boys and girl’s thing. She was discriminating colors, games etc. (No idea whether she got this from school or it’s a natural character). I am totally fine with her choosing pink over other colors. But when the days goes by, she has started to avoid other colors and says “Girls wear only pink”. I was gently explaining her about the same. And at that time, this book came as a great option for me to explain it clearly.

  • It is mentioned as both colors are suitable for any gender . In addition, all other colors are good as well.
  • Mentioned about cooking is for everyone.
  • Both the genders can cry if they are hurt.
  • Both genders can have any hair style.
  • It has explained the context clearly, but the book doesn’t have any real images . So, thought to do some activity for better understanding .
  • Took a printout of a boy and girl. She has colored pink and blue interchangeably.
  • Took a few pictures based upon the context. She chose the image and glued it.
  • She enjoyed doing such activities along with reading.
  • I highly recommend getting this book to explain gender discrimination clearly. Now she understood both genders could wear any color.
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  • This is an awesome book. I myself enjoyed it while reading it to my daughter and her friend.
    Kids pick up these at schools or elsewhere, I don’t know but even my daughter who initially didn’t ever bother about colours, now is specific about pink at times.

    It was a good read and definetly a must buy specially when you have both gender kids at home.
    You can read it to boys and tell them that cooking, laundry, feeling hurt and expresing it out isn’t a girlish thing.

  • I would say this is a must have book for any kid. Got this couple of months back n yet to start reading it to my daughter. Ur review and idea of printable sounds gud way to start.

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