1 to 2 years 12 - 18 Months Kids Activities

Activities for 12 to 18 months old toddler

Activity Id:1 Activity Name :Transferring objects Benefits: Hand-eye coordination, Great Sensorial skill and Fine motor skill development. Required age: 12 to 18months Method 1: Ball/pom pom Transfer Materials Needed:  Cardboard/unused container. (Make 1 or more holes), Ball/pom pom , Muffin, Tray, Bowls Keep a bowl of Pom Pom/Balls and muffin tray.Allow your kid to pick […]

Kids Activities

Early Childhood Education

Learning starts at our home. Our home and parents are our first school and teacher. When the kids are very young, everything in this world seems exciting and new for them, and they start to learn each and everything from the environment around them. Learning does not end up being academic, understanding about how to […]

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