Outdoor Activities

Kids Activities
  1.   Park play:

                   We visit park most of the days, and she’s exposed to nature play. She likes to play with slides, monkey bars and to explore everything in the park. We do Jumping, Running, walking, play peek-a-boo, Sand play. These kinds of Gross motor (physical) activities help for the development of overall body muscles and their imaginary skills. Playing during the daytime is more helpful for absorption of Vitamin D. Sand play is a great sensorial activity which helps in developing the fine motor skill (Scooping and transferring of the sand), build imagination (Free play with sand toys). Park play will not only help kids to socialize but also parents too. Even if we don’t find any parks nearby, it’s better to take them out everyday. They love to look at various places, different kind of people and like to explore everything.

2. Water Play

In general kids are very excited to play with water. Exercise greater caution while you are at waterbodies. Allow them to walk and experience the sand and water.

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