4 best Name recognition activity for preschoolers

Name recognition activity for kids
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Identification of own name

  • 1.Introduction
  • 2.Cut and Glue game
  • 3.Building blocks and magnetic tiles
  • 4.Popsicles
  • 5.Other ideas
  • 6.Summary


Hearing our name always gives us a fantastic feel. Kids always admire their names whenever they listen to it somewhere. How about understanding and recognizing the same. Is it awesome, right? Yes, my daughter always loves her name, and so I want to introduce this name recognition activity. Though she recognizes and spells the name, she was not aware of the sequence order. So, we did some DIY activities to understands it. As the name is a little short, it is quite simple for her to understand it very well soon.

Have a look at some of our DIY name recognition activities for preschoolers.


Recognize own name


After 3.5 years

Materials needed

Cardboard, Paper, pen , scissors, Any items based on our choice- I have used building blocks, magnetic tiles , popsicles

1.Cut and Glue game

Name recognition activity for preschoolers
Name recognition activity for preschoolers
  • She wants to write her brother name along with her own. So i wrote both their names on a cardboard. Along with provided paper , scissor and glue.
  • She has to cut the paper and paste it on the name using glue.
  • She has lost interest after 2 letters though.
  • nstead of pasting the paper, we can use dot stickers to paste over the letters or dot markers as well.

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2.Building blocks and magnetic tiles

Name recognition activity for preschoolers
  • Write all the letters in a piece of paper and paste it on the building blocks and magnetic tiles
  • Ask the child to arrange it sequence.

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Name recognition activity for preschoolers
  • Write the letters in a separate piece of paper.
  • Paste it on the popsicle and the child arrange it in sequence.
  • Here she did the cutting and pasting . She wants to arrange it like a rainbow and so this.

Other simple play ideas for name recognition activities are.

  1. Letter hunt- Make a sensory bin and hide the letters inside them. Let the child find and arrange the letters in order. 
  2. Form the name with play dough- Ask the child to make the letters in the play dough and arrange it.
  3. Cloth pin name recognition – Write the individual letters on a piece of paper and ask the child to pin them using cloth pin. 
  4. Cut and glue.- Write the name and ask the child to cut the letters into individual pieces. Let them paste the letters in order using the glue. 
  5. Salt painting name recognition-Write the name on a piece of paper.Ask the child to mark glue as an outline over the name by reading aloud the letters.Sprinkle salt over the name and drop the watercolor using droplets. 


Hope You all enjoyed looking at our activities. If it is interesting , please drop a comment, share it with friends .

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