My Little Body Book Review-Simplistic And Awesome Way To Understand Our Body

Kids Book review
2 to 5 years, Book Review

My little body book- Kids book review


Language development, Understanding own body


After 3.5 years


Shruti Singhal

Kids Book review
Kids Book review


  • My little body book talks about personal hygiene, private parts and the necessity of taking care of their bodies

My review

  • This simple book starts with the introduction of two little kids (a boy and a girl ) who are talking about their interest and their body parts.
  • Girls and boys have the same body parts except for their private areas. It clearly illustrates the different kinds of good, warm, and happy touches along with bad touch as well.
  • The pictures are clear so the kids can straightaway differentiate the good and bad touch from the book illustration. In addition to it, “My little body book” explains the steps to be taken if we are under such a situation. And of course, how to handle the situation, and whom to talk.

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My take away from this book

  • In the first place, it is our responsibility to teach clearly about the body parts, especially private parts, to our child. I think you will agree with me on this.We need to educate about the good and bad touch to the child irrespective of the gender (Yes!!! Both boys and girls need to understand this very well). Personal hygiene and personal safety are more important to everyone
  • It is important to talk about GOOD and BAD touch at early stage

Why session:

  • Here is the interesting part. Like every other kid, my daughter also gets excited and started to ask lots of questions. It was an excellent opportunity for me to explain some more details to her. To begin with, we have discussed how to follow self-disciple.
  • We are not allowed to look at others while they are taking a bath while they are using the bathroom and while changing the dress.
  • Other than parents, we are not supposed to remove the clothing in front of anyone. 
  • We need to wear clothes all the time.

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