My journey of pregnancy



        Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful period in a couple’s life. It’s not just we are going to deliver a baby, its like we are going to create a future. So the responsibility starts far earlier than the baby is born.

        I have enjoyed every bit of my pregnancy which happily went for 39 weeks and 3 days. I have followed a healthy lifestyle and diet during my pregnancy. I believed in the fact, whatever we do during the pregnancy will have a strong effect on the baby after their birth. So, following a happy and healthy pregnancy is very important for both mom and baby.

I have followed the below metioned items  throughout my pregnancy.

  1. No processed white sugar.
  2. Minimum salt in the diet.
  3. No junk food.
  4. Minimal Outside food. Preferred homemade healthy food always
  5. Drink Lots and lots of water
  6.  Always think and hear positive things – Which I have strictly followed. Babies can feel our movement and hear everything approximately from the start of a 5th month. Its good to have a positive vibration around us always and pass the same to our baby.
  7. Talk to your baby, they love to hear a lot from us.
  8. Consult the doctor before doing any new thing.
  9. As per my gynecologist advice, I have Started doing prenatal yoga after completion of 5th month and continued till the day of my delivery. It was much helpful for relaxation and smooth labor.(consult your doctor before you venture into it)
  10. Regular walking and being active is much important for a healthy pregnancy. Again, it  is totally depend  on our health condition.
  11. Hear soothing music.
  12. Watching good movies – No horror, action, and movies that create negative vibration.
  13. Ten months of pregnancy is the most precious periodin a couple’s life especially for ladies. Never ever miss the happiness andenjoy it to the fullest.
  14. Feeling positive will less our fears about labour.
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