Monkey Puzzle /Where’s my mom – Kids Book review

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Monkey Puzzle /Where’s my mom – Kids Book review

Book Name: Where’s my mom/Monkey Puzzle

Recommended Age: Above 3.5 years

Author: Julia Donaldson

  • This book is about the story of a little monkey who missed her mom somewhere. 
  • Little monkey was looking for her mom, and a butterfly comes for her rescue. 
  • Butterfly wants to help the monkey and asks for the identification of her mom. 
  • With the identification mentioned by a monkey, Butterfly starts to show elephant, snake, bat, frog, bird, by thinking either one of these is the monkey’s mom. 
  • Baby monkey told the butterfly, “None of these creatures look like me,” how come they will be my mother. 
  • Butterfly says you didn’t tell me that, and I was unaware that both mom and baby look the same. And the Butterfly said None of my babies look like me (by pointing the caterpillar)
  • After hearing monkey’s words (Mom and babies look alike), Butterfly showed her dad. Then dad took the baby monkey home. 
  • This is a cute story where the kids get to know about various animals. More than that, we can understand butterflies come from caterpillar, and they won’t look alike. 

We read this book with lots of props to make it more interesting. My daughter loves it.

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One thought on “Monkey Puzzle /Where’s my mom – Kids Book review

  1. Wow. This seems an very interesting book.

    Would definitely buy this soon.
    Thank you for such a wonderful treat to our eyes.
    The way you use props to read the books make it feel like a animated visual story than just a book.

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