How to select Logical activities for Preschoolers

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Mental Blox

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Fine motor development , Concentration, logical thinking


Above 3.5 years

Materials needed

Store bought mental blox

  • It is a 3D-pattern matching puzzle
  • They have provided different pattern cards. Kids have to replicate the pattern,
  • Since it is a 3-D pattern , it is bit challenging as the plus sign has different forms.
  • Even the circle is bit challenging. But it has a flat surface on two sides, so it can stand. But the child has to figure it out.
  • My daughter shows much interest in solving this puzzle and she enjoyed it.

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Imagination magnets


Fine motor development , Concentration, logical thinking.


Above 3 years

Materials needed

Store bought imagination magnets set

  • It is a magnetic pattern making set. It has pattern card inside .
  • Trace out the pieces and let the child match it.

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