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  • As we know learning starts at home, kids learn to speak by listening to the people around them. They can pick a lot of languages until the age of 6. We can follow a few steps for speech development in babies.
  • It’s always better to start to speak in our regional language. Kids can easily understand the language which we are speaking at home on the regular basis. Talk, Sing a song/Rhyme with babies from their earlier months itself. Thanks to my dad, who sits and talk with my daughter during her initial days. My daughter replies to him all the time with loads of smile in her face (just a sound, but that’s how they like to communicate with us and they need our attention all the time). I have captured those moments and they are really precious.
  • They can learn most of the things from home itself. Talk about all the household items to the kids. Involve them in the day to day activities and explain about them. Babies can easily catch many words by doing such things.
  • Step out of the house and talk about nature, explain about things which they are looking at ., talk about vehicles, trees, birds and many more.
  • Singing rhymes, reading books, Flashcards are also good way to develop communication.
  • Babies can’t get all the words exactly at first. They do baby talks most of the time. We don’t have to correct them always, instead talk those words in normal language byavoiding baby talk. So they will get use to it and start talking properly.
  • We don’t need any special gadgets for language development. People and the environment are more than enough.
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