Kids Book Review- Satya’s boat- Tulika publications

Kids Book review with props
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Kids Book Review- Satya’s boat- Tulika publications

Satya’s boat-Tulika Publications


Book Name: Satya’s Boat

Written by: Saraswati Nandini Majumdar

Illustrated by : Ayeshe Sadr.
Age: After 3.5 years.

Publications: Tulika Publications.

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  • This story is about a little girl Satya who wants to go along with her dad to row a boat in river Ganga.
  • Her dad is not taking her considering her age and strength. 
  • Once, she got bored at school and made a paper boat on her own. 
  • She went to bed by keeping the paper boat beside her. She has started to go deep into her dreams. 
  • In her dreams, Her dad was taking the boat and began to row it. Satya wasn’t able to follow him. So, she smoothed the wax paper boat and set it in the water. Soon, the boat is getting larger and larger, and she has started to row it. 
  • After reaching the middle of the river, some unseen creature came out of the river and taking her dad inside. She goes inside the river and looking at her dad. They happen to see River God Gangaji as well. 
  • Then dad and daughter both are coming back in her wax paper boat. 
  • The next day, her dad called her to come with him for a rowing lesson. 

My review:

  • The illustrations are great in this book. It is so fresh, and it shows the beauty of the Banaras city riverfront.  
  • It talks about aiming and achieving something in life. If we think about our target, we can reach it.

Our Props:

Along with reading the book, We made a paper boat craft. Yep!!! She did one by looking at mine. Instructional crafts are fine at times, along with free play. We did a small river setup in a tray and made the boat to sail. 

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