Author Julia Donaldson Kids book review- The Smartest Giant In Town

Kids Book review
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Kids Book Review- The smartest Giant in the town


Language development, imagination


3+ years


Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson book
Kids book review
  • George is the scruffiest giant in the town, and he was wearing the same dress for a longer time
  • Once, he decided to get a new dress and bought a new smart shirt, trousers, belt, pair of diamond design socks, tie and shoes. He looks like “The smartest giant in town.”
  • He left his old clothes behind the store.
  • On his way back home, he saw a sad giraffe.
  • As the giraffe was feeling cold, he gave his tie to be a scarf on its neck.
  • He then gave his shirt as a “Sail for the goat,” shoes to the “homeless rats,” socks as a “bed for the fox,” and belt to the “dog to cross the bog.”
  • He was shivering without a shirt, and his trousers were coming down. He went to the shop to buy new clothes, but it was closed.
  • Then he found his old clothes behind the shop, he wore it and went to his home.
  • Outside the home, stood all those animals with a big present.
  • Inside he found a “wonderful crown and a letter,” mentioning “The kindest giant in the town.”

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