Author Julia Donaldson Kids Book Review- Tabby McTat

Julia Donaldson books review
2 to 5 years, Book Review
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Tabby McTat-The musical cat


Language development, Imagination


After 3.5 years


Written by: Julia Donaldson Illustrated by : Axel Scheffler

Tabby McTat- Kids book review
  • The book talks about the life of a cat Tabby McTat and its beautiful relationship with an older man Fred. Tabby McTat was a busker’s cat, and both of them do roadside singing. They collect money to lead their life. Their favorite sone is
  • “Me, you, and the old guitar, How perfectly, perfectly happy we are. MEEE-EW and the old guitar, How PURRRR-fectly happy we are.”
  • One day, McTat took a stroll and met a new cat friend. Meanwhile, a thief snatched the money and ran away. Fred tried to catch him, but he fell down and got injured. He went to hospital and McTat couldn’t find him after coming back.
  • After a week of searching, the cat’s friend took Mctat to its house. McTat got a new life and having a good time with the modern family. But he still thinks of his Fred. After some days later, they delivered three kittens. One of the kittens, Samuel sprat, looks exactly look like McTat.
Tabby McTat- Kids book review

Though the cat has a family life, he cannot stop thinking of Fred. So, after informing his wife and son, he went out in search of Fred. He found him while Fred was singing their favorite song, and he decided to stay with Fred. And they were doing their routine singing. But he can’t forget his family too, and he wants to go back but doesn’t want to leave Fred alone.

Tabby McTat- Kids book review

Out of the shadow, Samuel Sprat came and told he could stay as a busker’s cat hereafter. And they both started to live happily ever after.

Kids observation:

Like many kids, My daughter loves books, and she note down each and everything from the book. She observes keenly, and one best example is she found Gruffalo (Gruffalo is one of the most famous books from the same author) from this page, which I didn’t notice at all. Can you all locate the Gruffalo?

Tabby McTat- Kids book review

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