Kids Book Review- Amazing animals

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Kids Book Review- Amazing animals

Book Name: First Facts and Flaps-Amazing animals

Recommended Age: After 3 years

Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books, San Diego, USA

  This book talks about the various amazing facts of different animals. 

 It is a very interactive book with various Flip-Flaps. I will share a few of those facts here for your reference. 

Kids Book
Kids Book- Amazing animals
  • The song of a blue whale is louder than an airplane engine. 
  • The blue whale is as long as three buses. 
  • Cheetah is the fastest creature, and it strides as long as three beds.
  • Kangaroo can jump over four tall grown-ups lying in a row. A baby kangaroo is called Joey.
  • Giraffe is as tall as three grown-ups standing on each other’s shoulder.
  • A baby porcupine is called Porcupette.
  • Cows poo about 16 times a day.

And many more exciting facts are inside this book. 

Along with this, they have three other topics as well.First Facts and Flaps about Super space, My Busy body, and Giant Dinosaurs

Kids Book Review- Amazing animals

My review:

        It is many colorful images of animals with lots of Flaps inside, making the book more interesting to read. My daughter enjoyed reading this book.

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