Kids Book Review- All About Dinosaur

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Book Name:All about Dinosaurs


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3+ Years


Ann Winterbotham

Kids Dinosaur book
Dinosaurs book for kids
  • This is our first book about Dinosaurs. Here they give an overview of different kinds of dinosaurs, their eating habits, collection of dinosaurs parts in Museums, Finding Fossil, Size, About the babies, and many more fundamental and important details about dinosaurs.
  • Honestly speaking, until I read this book, “Dinosaurs” is the only word I know. Not aware of their kinds etc. So, here I am listing the different types for your reference plus a basic overview of dinosaurs, as mentioned in the book.
  • The word Dinosaur means “Terrible reptile”.
  1. Coelophysis – First Dinosaur.
  2. Plateosaurus-– First Dinosaur
  3. Apatosaurus – 21 meters long.
  4. Compsognathus – Very small.
  5. Iguanodon – Vegetarian, one of the first found dinosaurs.
  6. Diplodocus – Longest plant-eater. 
  7. Ankylosaurus -A plant-eater 
  8. Struthiomimus
  9. Stegosaurus-means “Roofed reptile.”
  10. Triceratops
  11. Brachiosaurus
  12. Supersaurus
  13. Ultrasaurus-Bigger one
  14. Mussaurus- Baby Dinosaurus, no longer than a kitten
  15. Psittacosaurus- Size of pigeon.
  16. Pachcephalosaurus means “Thick headed reptile”.
  17. Parasaurolophus – has an amazing crest on its head.
  18. Maiasaura means “Good mother reptile” – a duck-billed Dinosaur.
  19. Triceratops – nine-meter long and weighed five tones. 
  20. Deinonychus- Fiercest meat eater. 
  21. Coelophysis – Long curved teeth with sharp edges.
  22. Tyrannosaurus rex – means “King tyrant reptile” terrifying meat eater. 
  23. Allosaurus- Meat eater.
  24. Hypsilophodon – Run at 40 kms/hr. 
  25. Heterodontosaurus
  26. Hylaeosaurus.
Kids Dinosaur book
Dinosaurs book for kids

Dinosaur Clues:

Fossils give us clues about Dinosaurs, but they can’t tell the dinosaur color and the noises it made.

Nests and Eggs:

Paleontologists had found fossil eggs with baby dinosaurs inside. The fossil shows that each baby grew to a length of between 40 to 50 CMS before it hatched out. 

What happened?

  Sixty-six million years ago, dinosaurs died out, and the reason is still under question. Some say it was due to drastic weather conditions; a giant meteorite hit our planet, etc. 

She asks us to draw few pictures as she wants to color. But lost interest in doing it.- Pic 1

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