Kids Book Review- All About Dinosaur

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Book Name:All about Dinosaurs


Language development, Imaginary skills


3+ Years


Ann Winterbotham

Kids Dinosaur book
Dinosaurs book for kids
  1. Coelophysis – First Dinosaur.
  2. Plateosaurus-– First Dinosaur
  3. Apatosaurus – 21 meters long.
  4. Compsognathus – Very small.
  5. Iguanodon – Vegetarian, one of the first found dinosaurs.
  6. Diplodocus – Longest plant-eater. 
  7. Ankylosaurus -A plant-eater 
  8. Struthiomimus
  9. Stegosaurus-means “Roofed reptile.”
  10. Triceratops
  11. Brachiosaurus
  12. Supersaurus
  13. Ultrasaurus-Bigger one
  14. Mussaurus- Baby Dinosaurus, no longer than a kitten
  15. Psittacosaurus- Size of pigeon.
  16. Pachcephalosaurus means “Thick headed reptile”.
  17. Parasaurolophus – has an amazing crest on its head.
  18. Maiasaura means “Good mother reptile” – a duck-billed Dinosaur.
  19. Triceratops – nine-meter long and weighed five tones. 
  20. Deinonychus- Fiercest meat eater. 
  21. Coelophysis – Long curved teeth with sharp edges.
  22. Tyrannosaurus rex – means “King tyrant reptile” terrifying meat eater. 
  23. Allosaurus- Meat eater.
  24. Hypsilophodon – Run at 40 kms/hr. 
  25. Heterodontosaurus
  26. Hylaeosaurus.
Kids Dinosaur book
Dinosaurs book for kids

Dinosaur Clues:

Fossils give us clues about Dinosaurs, but they can’t tell the dinosaur color and the noises it made.

Nests and Eggs:

Paleontologists had found fossil eggs with baby dinosaurs inside. The fossil shows that each baby grew to a length of between 40 to 50 CMS before it hatched out. 

What happened?

  Sixty-six million years ago, dinosaurs died out, and the reason is still under question. Some say it was due to drastic weather conditions; a giant meteorite hit our planet, etc. 

She asks us to draw few pictures as she wants to color. But lost interest in doing it.- Pic 1

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