Kids Book recommendation and hands-on experiment on Volcano study

Kids Book review
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Book name: My best book of volcano


Language development, visual skills etc.


After 4 years


Simon adams

Kids Book review

This book was lying on our bookshelf for a long, and suddenly, my daughter started to show interest in knowing the details. Hence we have started reading this and understood the basics of the volcano. 

A volcano is an opening in Earth where hot, liquid rocks called magma burns out. When magma reaches the surface, it is called Lava. 

This book has a more realistic picture that helps the child visualize and understand the concept quickly. They have clearly explained 

  • What is inside the volcano
  • Different types of volcano
  • Where the eruptions have happened 
  • Volcanic eruptions and after effect
  • Volcano studies and many more. 

We have talked a lot about volcanos, and along with reading, we did a small volcanic STEM experiment with baking soda, vinegar. 

Baking soda and vinegar STEM experiment

Pour 1/4th cup of vinegar and place it in the middle. Build a mountain shape with dough and ask the child to put the vinegar inside. Because of the chemical reaction, the mixture turns out to be foam and rises. Kids can enjoy this experiment along with understanding the hands-on concept. 

Kids Book review

The science behind the volcano and baking soda STEM experiment 

    When we add vinegar with baking soda, it generates carbon-di-oxide gas, and that’s where we can find the foam. There are chances for baking soda to disappear if we use a sufficient amount of vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar are a cool experiment; please try it out with kids and have fun.

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