Kids Book On Culture And Prayers- Sunrise , Moonrise

Kids Book review
2 to 5 years, Book Review

Book Name: Sunrise, Moonrise


Language development, Imagination


After 3.5 years

Author and Illustraion

Trishla Jain and Kirstin Eggers

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Kids Book Review
Kids Book Review
Kids Book Review


  • This book talks about different praying styles of various cultures. In the first place, Prayer comes in many forms. Every culture has faith in God and shows it in multiple forms.
  • Some chant holy names, some say Amen, some pray by kneeling down and the list goes on, Hoping and praying comes in all shapes and sizes. We need to look deep inside to get the blessings. To pray means to be “Right at the moment,” and likewise, we take time to care.

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The world is filled with various cultures and different praying routine. But in the end, all are seeking inner peace and being kind to one another. We need to appreciate and accept all practices. And the best part is, the illustrations are so neat, clear and self-explanatory as well.

It is a must-have book to understand the basics of different versions of praying and cultures. We can talk a lot while reading the book.

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