Kandinsky art- Art for kids and elders

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Kandinsky art- Art for kids and elders

What is Kandinsky art?

                        Kandinsky art was introduced by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. He uses colors to show up the emotions instead of painting an object to look real. This particular coloring concept is fascinating among the kids. I feel it is suitable for adults too.

           I am not a great Art or craft person other than coloring simple sheets. I thought to spend some time with my daughter by coloring in a little easy way. While searching through, I came to know about this type of art, and it is quite interesting as I don’t have to draw and color. Instead, I can choose my color and get a beautiful output.

           Creative persons can do n.no of variations and get an excellent painting. Here we have tried our hands on Kandinsky circles, and we enjoyed doing this. Art is a therapy that gives us happiness and relaxation. And yes, we got that while doing this and had a great time together.


  • Draw few concentric circles. Not necessarily to be of same distance
  • Ask the child to choose color of their own and color them
  1. My daughter’s work – 3.8 years old

2.These two are mine.

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