Activities for 18 to 24 months toddler Part 3-Color Sorting and Introduction of Shapes

18 - 24 Months, Kids Activities

Color Sorting


Fine motor development, concentration, hand-eye coordination, cognitive skill development, Language development as they come to know the names of different colors.


After 22 months.

Materials needed

Cardboard, color papers, colored popsicles, pom pom, empty cups, building blocks, different color bangles, Any other different colored items available at home.

The Main intention of this activity is to introduce sorting and know the name of all colors. Its slow and continuous process to identify the colors. It’s little hard to do at this age.

Paste some color papers on the cardboard box. Poke holes as per the popsicles. Provide different color popsicles and let the kid sort based on the color.
Provide some empty cups and different colored popsicles/pom pom. Let the kid sort the popsicles/pom pom according to color.
Provide colored flash cards and popsicles/pom pom. Let the kid sort it according to the flash card.
Draw some colored circles in paper. Let the kid match pom pom according to the specific color using tongs instead of hand. It’s a good fine motor activity and they will get a finger grip by holding the tongs.
Stick the colored flashcards and paper roll card to the wall. Let the kid drop popsicles/pom pom /balls according to the color.
Draw the shape according to the building blocks and color it. Let the kid match those blocks with colored box.
Provide some various color bangles and tumbler/Cups. Let the kid sort the bangles according to the color.

Introduction to Shapes


anguage development, coordination, Fine motor skill


20 to 24 months

Materials needed

Different shapes , cardboard, pen , Shape sorter puzzle

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