Importance Of Listening And Ways To Develop The Skill

Importance of listening

What is listening

Importance of listening

Listening is one of the great and foremost skills which everyone has to practice. Being a kid or adult, we need the patience to listen always. We, as an adult, still lag in listening and tend to talk all the time. We can easily understand the importance of listening with our face design. We have two ears to hear and one mouth to speak, it is as simple as that listening organ is more than the speaking one. So, we need to keep listening to others rather than talking upfront. It is always good to cultivate this skill from an early stage. Kids learn by following us rather than hearing our words. We can’t teach them anything without incorporating that skill inside us. Let us look into a few points which help us to develop our listening skills. We can follow the same with kids as well as adults.


Let’s look into a few life scenarios which we go through then and there to understand the importance of listening. 

Listening skill
Listening skill

Benefits of listening

Importance of listening


If we develop listening skills, it automatically passes on to our child. Try to insist and cultivate this life skill during childhood. We can always remind the child to wait for their turn and ask them to say “Excuse me” if they want to convey something. I agree its not an easy task at an early stage as they say “Excuse me” 1000 times. Can’t blame them, they are growing children after all. But continuous reminders and practice help them to practice it very well. Listening is not a special skill which we need to train ourselves for ages; it is an essential life skill we need to remind ourselves to follow.

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