How to teach solar system to kids in awesome way

Solar system for kids
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How to teach solar system to kids in awesome way

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Activity Name: The Solar system

Benefits: Get basic knowledge about solar system , planets , space station and things related to it

Required age: Above 3.5 years (Or as per child’s interest).

Material needed: Anything as per our convenience. We have used books, stickers and some drawing.

My daughter started to ask more questions about the sun, star, and moon as these are very common and more visible to everyone. To support her interest, I have started to read about the solar system.

Understanding the solar system at an early stage helps them to imagine many things. They can think beyond their own experience.

First, we have started with,


Since my daughter love reading books, we have started to know about the concept first from books.

Solar System
Kids book- The solar system

What is a planet?

Planets are astronomical bodies that move around a star. We have eight planets in our solar system. Sun is a star as well, and all these planets are revolving around it.

The eight Planets are


The shortest planet which is closer to the sun.



Hottest planet in the solar system.



Where we live and the only planet which has life.



The red planet.



Largest planet in the solar system.



Has cluster of rings around it.



Large and cold planet.



Blue planet and very cold as it is very far from the sun.


2.Wall Sticker

Not only Books , but also have Pasted this wall sticker in our living room. This one helps her to watch the picture every day, and we talk about it whenever we cross the wall. I highly recommend getting this solar system sticker, which helps the child to have a look and keep it in mind as it is in their eyesight always. And the best part is these stickers, even we love to watch it every day.

The Solar system
Solar system- Wall sticker.

To buy wall sticker

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After that , we did simple solar system drawing activity as well.

Solar system
Solar system drawing

Our next book is about “SPACE.”

 She understood a few pointers from this book.

  • A person who travels to space is called “Astronauts.”
  • They use space suits while going outside since space has no air. This suit carries air to breathe. 
Space Book
Book about Space

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