How to teach sequencing to preschooler in awesome way

Teach sequencing
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How to teach sequencing to preschooler in awesome way


We often heard about the word “Sequence,” but actually, what does it mean? Let’s have a look.

      Sequencing is a flow of events. It is said to be following a step by step procedure to complete any work. Most of our day to day activities follow some sequence. It is one of the essential skills to practice during early life and to make as a routine throughout. Sequencing is an excellent brain-boosting activity that helps in the development of memory. 

Flow of events

  We can cultivate this skill by following simple day to day activities in a mindful way. How to do it in early childhood? Here, I am sharing some ways to do. 

Ways to practice sequencing to toddler and preschooler:

1.Story telling.

In the first place, let the child open up and tell a story. They think about the picture and utter the story with the flow of events. This kind of storytelling helps a lot in brain integration.

2.Talking about daily routine.

Ask your child to explain their day to day practices. Ask questions related to their everyday routine. Regular talks help them to remember and convey it sequentially. Let me elaborate on it.

Make conversation based on

  • What they will do after waking up.
  • What is the practice child follows to have food?
  • What they did at school.
  • What happened in the park.

Having such kind of talks helps them to talk sequentially and convey more.

3.Interlinking treasure hunt

Keep the hints interlinked. Kids have to find clue two from clue one. They need to follow the sequence to complete the task. If they missed any clues, they can’t finish it. Here we can talk about the consequences of breaking the sequence.

Treasure hunt- Follow the sequence

4.Dot to Dot marking

  • One great activity to understand the sequence as they have to follow the steps.
  • Our DIY version of dot to dot. Here she missed to follow the sequence, and we have talked about it after completion. 
Dot to dot activity

5.Maze game

  • One fantastic game to follow the sequence activity. If we miss the flow, then we cannot reach the destination.
  • Check out our DIY version. She went in a wrong way by breaking the sequence and we talked about it after completion.
DIY Maze activity
DIY maze activity

6.Sequence memory game

  • Lay down any number of items (start with a minimal amount of items and slowly increase it).
  • Ask the child to close the eyes. Take out one item and let the child find the missing one.
  •  After taking out all the things, ask the child to tell it in a sequence manner.

7.Reading story books

You can Read a story and ask the child to narrate the same after completing the book. Let them recollect and tell the story.

Check out some of our book recommendations, which helps to encourage sequencing activity.

  1. Most of Julia Donaldson books – The smartest giant in town , The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo child , Monkey’s puzzle
  2. Naisha series.
  3. Where is amma
  4. Where is pooni- Tulika Publications
  5. Farida plans a feast.

Advantages of sequencing activity:

  1. Sequencing helps in brain integration.
  2. It helps to solve any logical problem by following the flow of events/clue.
  3. It helps to finish the work successfully without missing any steps.
  4. It helps them to get a flow of thoughts in whatever work they do. 
  5. And the best part is, It helps to have an organized life.

Now, this is important. Never break the sequence while the child is doing it. Even if they miss, any points don’t interrupt but allow them to complete. Talk about the missing part after completion and explain the effects of doing so.


Don’t stress out and make a note of every other action of the child. Go with the flow and explain the concept to them. More than completing any work, the child has to understand the procedure. 

Happy sequencing !!!!!!!!!!!!

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