How to setup play area for toddlers and preschoolers ?-Part 1

Playarea setup for toddlers-1 year old
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Setting up a play area for kids is a big task and it is overwhelming sometimes due to cleaning and arranging stuffs after they finish their play. But with planned play area we can reduce the work and helps the child to explore more. With planned setup , kids gets interest on their own to do any activity and it encourages them to clean up as well. Instead of pulling out all the toys at the same time, we can plan the theme and keep items related to particular theme helps the child to concentrate well on the subject without much distraction. Are you interested in looking at our play area setup for my kids- a toddler and a preschooler. Please scroll through . 

Play area setup- Week 1

For Preschooler

This week we are looking at dinosaur and it id dinosaur themed play area setup. 

I always try to finish setting up the activity at the night time , so it is more attractive for the kids once they wakes up. 

dinosaur theme activities for preschool kids

I kept all my preschooler activity on this reading table , which helps her to come and explore in the morning time. Please scroll through to find the activities in this table . 

Logical thinking activities for preschool kids

Dinosaur floor puzzle

I always try to keep one puzzle everyday for her to explore. Puzzle helps in logical skill development in kids. 

dinosaur floor puzzle
dinosaur floor puzzle

She did this puzzle twice and engaged herself for 30 minutes

Dinosaur sudoku

Sudoku is one of the best no prep logical thinking activity for preschool kids We did a sudoku as a part of our theme activity 

dinosaur sudoku for logical thinking

Language development

 Language development is one of the important skill in kids. Through language kids can develop their knowledge and they can express very well to the outside world. Continuous healthy conversation on any topic helps them to grab and keep things in mind for long. Along with talking flash cards and books helps the child (even adults too) to improve their knowledge and language skills. We had a dinosaur flash cards which talks about various other dinosaur and different facts about the same.

Dinosaur flash cards

Please CLICK HERE to read the review of these dinosaur books

Memory development

We have played a memory game with different dinosaur image. 

Memory games for kids
Memory games for kids

Steps to play memory game with kids  .

  • Take 2 sets of printout and cut down the printout.
  • Paste it on a construction paper so it wont be visible from backside.
  • Spread it as shown in the picture . 
  • Ask the child to take the first card , then next one. If both are same one, let them keep it aside. If not, ask them to close it again and take the next card. If the third card matches with any of the first two cards( child has to remember the first two images- here the memory management works well) they have to keep it aside. 
  • Let them continue playing until keeping all the cards aside. 

Memory games helps the child to develop and sharpen their brain. This is a great brain boosting game.

Please CLICK HERE for 10 different memory games for kids to develop their brain in a healthy way . 


Imaginary skills and writing skill

I always keep a plain paper and pen in a tray for her to explore more. She can use the paper for writing , drawing or any other crafts as per her imagination. 

Imaginary skills for preschool kids

Here she is trying to do some dinosaur tracing with the given paper and pen. Providing required materials helps them to explore more 

Fine motor skill

Fine motor skill is one of the basic skill to develop in kids right from young age. They need to strengthen their finger muscles before they start actual writing. It helps them to hold the pen/pencil without any pain or problem. Early fine motor skills helps them to achieve it well. 

Sticker activities for kids to develop fine motor skill
Sticker activities for kids to develop fine motor skill

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From India

Mellissa & Doug sticker books are reusable one where they have a page for one particular content and corresponding images for the same. Children can peel and paste them on the correct place. They can even form a story with the same. This is a great fine motor and language development activity. 

Clean up the paly area

Here comes the actual challenge for all parents including me . Most of the time, she cleans up the place after playing but sometimes she doesn’t wants to do as well. So, we split up the cleaning work among ourselves. I ask her to choose which one she like to clean up- books, art items etc. She picks up one and clean it up without any mess. Kids love to choose and take decision in their own. So, provide a choice for them to choose 

Planned play area for preschooler and toddler
Planned play area for preschooler and toddler

She has cleaned up her area. 

For Toddler

Play area setup for toddlers

This is my toddler play area shelf setup. I keep all of his activity in a shelf to explore. It has 

1.Padlock activity – Fine motor skill.

2.Treasure basket – Sensorial and Language development .

3.Paper and pen – For scribbling

4.Drop the golf tees, pom pom – Fine motor skill 

5.Building blocks- Imagination and fine motor skill

Please click the below video for detailed video on play area setup for toddlers and preschool kids

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