How to reduce screens during meal time and Importance of family meal time

Importance of family meal time for kids
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Family is the most significant emotion for anyone in this world. Whether human, animals, birds, etc., everyone wants a family and stays with the family. As same as family, food is an emotion for many of us, including me. As food plays a significant part in our lives, we need to have a soulful meal for healthier and happier lives. It happens if we eat it mindfully without any distraction. How about we mix the two different emotions into the only nest and enjoy it together. Yes!!! I am talking about joining the family and mealtime to have a joyful and satisfactory time. Shall we talk about family mealtime and the benefits of the same?

Importance of family meal time for kids

How to set up a family mealtime along with kids?

  • Setting up a time for meals every day helps the body to align with the schedule over time. 
  • Have a dedicated space for having a meal, either its the dining table or on the floor. So, the children get to know the practice.
  • Work as a family to arrange The table/place. Let the child involve themselves in putting the plates,Cups, water, and whatever possible things they can do. 
  • Setting up a dining table/place is one of the best practical life skill a child can learn.
  • Once done, allow the child to Place their plate in the sink and help clean the place and let them help in cleaning a bit. 
  • In this way, a child can learn Loads of skills .

Importance of family meal time for kids

Importance of family mealtime

  • Family mealtime is the best option to practice self-feeding in children. They learn the art of eating by looking at the elders and understanding loads of essential eating skills.
  • Family meals time is the best way to have connection and bonding between family members. We can get to know about all the family members their favorites; we can discuss the events that happened on that day etc. 
  • Spending time with our family provides loads of memories, and we can add family mealtime to such a memory basket. This memory is going to stay with us for a longer time. 
  • Family mealtime is the best option to avoid distraction feeding in children and screen-free feeding in adults. We can very well focus on the food without distracting ourselves. 
  • Children learn about the essential life skill of mealtime preparation. They involve themselves in small works.

Importance of family meal time for kids

  • Children learn the importance of meals, and they know everyone has to get food for their wellness. 
  • Children get a chance to eat home-cooked meals most of the time, which is more nutritious for them and the whole family.

Importance of family meal time for kids


Mindful eating is an art, and it is more critical for our long-term happy and healthy life. Distraction eating creates space between people but family meal time strengthens it. 

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