How to reduce postpartum weight in a healthy way- My weight loss journey

Postpartum weight reduction
I am not a health coach or nutrition specialist. Hereby am sharing my own weight loss journey and my learning in that period.


Postpartum weight loss

What is postpartum period?

The period after delivering a baby is said to be postpartum. All women undergo loads of changes during this method. It starts from mental health to physical health. It starts from the time of delivery and goes till 6 months or 1 year of delivering the baby. Both mental and physical health is much needed for a woman to lead a successful life. Physical change is obvious in the form of accumulated body weight.

         Most of the inner organs goes back to normal state after 8 to 12 weeks of baby’s birth. But many women have loosened skin and many other obvious physical changes. Everyone definitely wants to go back to pre-pregnancy weight for so many obvious reasons. Come let’s look into my journey of post pregnancy weight reduction.

Postpartum weight loss

Postpartum Weight reduction

First and foremost, thing we need to understand is every single body is different. Even mom and daughter doesn’t have same kind of body. There are various kind of weight reduction happens in people.Very common saying is, all the postpartum weight goes off with breastfeeding and healthy life style. But it is not suitable for all people and i have fallen in this category.  


Yeah, I did breastfeed for almost 2 years for my first kid and am still breastfeeding my second baby who’s 14 months . But I never see any loss in my weight even after trying so many healthy changes. I perfectly understood my body and I have enrolled in a postpartum weight loss program and it has helped me to reduce my weight in a healthy way. I have lost more than 10kgs and went back to pre-pregnancy weight of my first kid who I have delivered 4 years back.

         I want to share some of my experience and learning in this weight loss journey.

  • If your PP weight haven’t reduced even after breastfeeding and being on healthy lifestyle for more than 6 to 8 months, then it needs little bit of extra care and attention from a professional. So, if you plan to reduce postpartum weight with support, please find a good coach who works on postpartum body. Because regular exercise and food doesn’t suit most of the PP body.
  • Sweating and strict diet reduces my weight? No way it is a wrong perception when comes to weight loss. I swear, I never did any exercise where I was sweating and on strict diet . All I did, was eating the right portion, whatever needs for my body and loads of breathing and core strengthening exercise. Strengthens the core muscle is more important to get back the inner organs to normal state.
Eat right for healthy life
  • It is not said to be Strict diet, it is said to be eating the right and required amount for our body. I ate almost everything right from dosa, idly, rice etc. but specific to my mouth. I would say, my body doesn’t need more than those required amount.
  • Eat only if you are hungry and your stomach knows it very well. Don’t eat as food is available, don’t eat as you are crossing a restaurant, don’t eat as simply food is tempting you. Always hear your stomach and not the mouth.
Eat right for weight loss
  • Eating more is not a pride. Yes!!! We don’t have to eat a lot to say we are foodie.
  • Don’t eat the food as if it is getting wasted. This is definitely one hard point to convince. Because none of us wants to waste the food and throw it in the dustbin. But , even if we put it in our stomach it in turn gets wasted inside us. As we are eating more than our limit it may cause loads of problem to us, for example we may struggle to digest, we may have struggle in sleeping and many health issues when days goes by. So, try not to prepare much even if it gets wasted, let it be. We may feel bad for some time but if we eat, it causes unnecessary issues to us .
  • Walking , exercise everything compliments in weight loss but eating right portion plays the major and vital role in weight loss.
Eat right for healthy life
  • Have you heard of Diasitis Recti (DR)? Not me , until few months back. I don’t have it , but I highly recommend all new moms to get this checked. This is one biggest challenge for a postpartum body.
Diastasis recti


    Reducing our own weight is not body shaming anyone. We are doing it for our own happiness and confidence. Postpartum weight is one sole happiness which reminds us the birth of our beautiful baby. But at the same time, it must not be an enemy for our healthy and happy life. Healthy mother can change the whole environment with her positivity. So, please understand your own body without comparing us with others and act accordingly.

Eat right for healthy life

         If anyone wants to know details of my health coaching center please write an e-mail to me at I am happy to share the information.

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