How to read books to preschoolers ? – 5 best ways to make book reading more interesting

Interesting ways to read books
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Book reading is one of the best gift, which we can give it to our kids. Kids love book reading and get to learn many good things for life. We are reading books from the early months, and it is still going very strong.

How we read books to kids

Whenever we read a new book, I usually translate it into our mother tongue for better understanding. We usually read a book, talk about it a bit, and closes it. But moving forward, I thought to implement some new ideas for our book reading journey rather than only reading it. Want to know? Let’s scroll further.

We can slowly start to implement these ideas one by one based on the kid’s interest. It is perfect if the child is not interested in any of them. We can always reintroduce later. Always keep the below activities after completing the book. Activities are to enhance the interest and grasp the essence of reading furthermore. Reading is our main motive, so don’t allow these activities to distract the joy of reading. 

a.Ask questions after book reading:

Have a small Q&A session after the book reading. Having such a little quiz session helps the child to brush up their mind. Start with very minimal questions, and we can slowly increase it. Ask questions about the book’s central theme or something that the child can remember quickly and reply. If we do so, it creates more interest in kids to continue this future. Otherwise, they start to lose patience and don’t want to continue

Interesting ways to read books

I got this idea after reading this Benny series and my daughter like the concept at first. She is not much interested in replying back instead she wants to ask the questions to me. So later on she got the interest and now we are taking turns in questions and answers 

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b.Finding certain words: I-spy words

We can implement this idea based on age, the current interest of the child. At present we are learning phonics, so we are doing I-spy words. I ask her to find list of words that start with a particular letter. For ex: If I ask her to find the words that begin with the letter “C,” she needs to find them. We can use this activity to find sight words as well. Please keep it simple by finding them from one page and not from the whole book. 

c.Summarize the book

After completion, ask the child to give a brief explanation about the book. Let them talk about the characters, story, facts, anything which they read till now. This helps the child to open up and speak out, improves language and speaking, enhances memory. Allow the child to complete the sentence and try not to interfere when the child is talking. Our main motive is allowing them to speak up and not to correct the sentence. Let them express whatever they want

d.Writing a journal

Writing a journal is an extension of the above point. After the child explains the content they read, we can ask them to record it as a journal. We can incorporate this one as per their age. We can ask the younger children to draw and record the journal, and for older kids, they can write as well. Writing a journal is a beautiful memory, which we can keep safe throughout our life. Journaling habit helps the child to write and record whatever they come across later in their life. Journaling helps them later in their life when they are in the place to write notes during the lecture. 

Book recommendation for kids

This is the first book journal we have started with. You can check her drawing on the left side. 

e.Talk about relations

We can talk about other books that have some connection with the current book. We can discuss the same author books, same content (any other animal book, books related to sports, etc.). They can relate to their environment very well. As them whether they can relate the book with their own life , family and friends. This habit helps them to make connections and relate to whatever activities they do. 

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