How to prepare simple DIY worksheets for kids at home

DIY worksheets for kids
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DIY worksheets for kids at home

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Worksheets are enjoyable to make, and it is a very simple on the go activity. Worksheets help us when we don’t have much idea to implement and to keep the child engaged in a developing manner at the same time. Worksheets are not bad for kids until used in moderation, and I always recommend using the worksheets and many hands-on activities. Worksheets don’t help much when the child lags in hands-on training.

We do loads of simple worksheets at home. Let’s have look at few simple DIY worksheets for kids to do at home with minimal setup.

Visual stimulation worksheets for kids


Visual development, Promotes to find the minute things


After 3.5 months

Materials needed

Paper, pen , crayons

DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
  • It is very simple and at the same time bit tricky activity
  • I drew different interlocking squares and circles.
  • Child to color each and every shape and at the same time, they need to check for any interlocking.
  • If there is any interlocking shape is present, they need to color with different color.
  • They are not supposed to use the same color for whole shape. That's the tricky part
  • My daughter started with few but she doesn't have much patience to complete it.
DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
  • Visual perception is the ability to find particular item from pool of items. It's kind of visual stimulation as well. Just little depth
  • Here i drew few dot and lines and asked the child to find one particular thing from it.
  • She has to find all the red dots from the pool of red dots and lines.
  • Find the green dots from the combination of green and red dots. and so on.
DIY worksheets for kids
  • It is a color copy challenge activity,where child has to replicate the same color as per the reference one.
  • Draw some shapes and color it as a reference
  • Ask the child to replicate the same.
DIY worksheets for kids
  • Draw different faces with variations
  • I made variations in eyes direction, hair and some more.
  • Do two sets of same image
  • Ask the child to match the same
DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
  • Draw one reference image. Here i drew circle on one paper and square on the other.
  • In the circle reference image, i drew many inner circles and two lines
  • Draw some incomplete image as mentioned below
  • Child has to find the missing part and complete the image as per the reference
  • Same method for square also. This is a great visual activity where they need to find the minor missing part.

Logical thinking activity worksheets


Develops logical brain


After 3.5 years

Materials needed

Paper, pen , stickers, big buttons, crayons

DIY worksheets for kids
  • Draw a grid matrix.
  • On the row mention shapes and on the column mention few colors
  • Ask the child to look at both shapes and colors and match the correspondingbig buttons
  • Child has to relate both horizontal and vertical image.
  • It is a great logical thinking activity for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
  • This is other grid matching activity.
  • Instead of matching all, child has to find the code given and match it
  • Here i have mentioned numbers in row and shapes in column
  • Child has to paste the stickers as per the code. Red stickers in the box of 3square, and 1 square.
DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
  • Same like sticker grid matching activity , Instead of stickers i have used big buttons
  • The grid must be filled withe the buttons as per code given.

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Pre-Writing skills


Promotes pencil grip, Develops counting sense for kids


After 3.5 years

Materials needed

Dice, paper, sketch

DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
  • Keep dots at different place
  • Ask the child to roll the dice, let them draw a circle round the dots as per the counting
  • If the dice shows 3 , child has to circle 3 dots
  • It is a great pre-writing and counting activity.


Following these kind of visual stimulation, logical thinking and pre-writing skill activities helps the child to sharpen their memory and finger muscles. Worksheets are perfectly fine if used in moderation. 

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