How to prepare best DIY worksheets for preschool kids at home

DIY worksheets for kids
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Preparing DIY worksheets is one of my favorite part of kids learning. I love to prepare many DIY worksheets based on our hands-on activities. In the past few weeks we have done few logical thinking activities and visual discrimination activities . Are you interested in looking at them ,please scroll through and share your feedback. 

1.Visual discrimination worksheets

a.Dot sticker activity

DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
  • Draw different patterns and paste the dot stickers .
  • Let the child replicate the same 

Tally worksheet

DIY worksheets for kids
  • Paste different colored dot stickers at random places at one half
  • In the second half place the same color stickers in a line
  • Ask the child to count the stickers and color same number of boxes for the respective color stickers
  • Once it it done, ask the child to compare the colored boxes in the second half and the dot stickers on the top. 
  • If they are equal it is tallied and let the child understand the concept. 

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b.Replicate the same

DIY worksheets for kids
DIY worksheets for kids
  • Draw or write some patterns and ask the child to replicate the same 
DIY worksheets for kids

Find the odd one out

DIY worksheets for kids
  • Write anything continuously and write one thing differently in between. 
  • Let the child find it and marry
DIY worksheets for kids
  • Write any number/shapes/letter in some specific pattern and change it in between. 
  • Let the child find the different patten in between.
  • It is a great visual discrimination activity 

2.Logical thinking activity

a.Think and write the correct one

DIY worksheets for kids
  • Write only few parts of any number/letters etc. and ask the child to complete it.
  • It is a kind of find the missing part
DIY worksheets for kids

b.Identify the patten sequence and write it

DIY worksheets for kids
  • This is a slight difference version of complete the pattern. 
  • Draw the pattern and ask the child to write the pattern with letters. 
  • The child has to write one letter for each color. 
DIY worksheets for kids
  • For the second one,She has recreated her own pattern.

Doing DIY worksheets are much handy to keep the child engaged in a meaning way. We can create all these DIY worksheets for kids in a very short time but they are great way of learning . 

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