How to practice Pre-writing activities for preschoolers -Different lines and curves

Pre-writing skill activities
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Pre-writing Skill activities for Preschool kids


Proper finger grip while writing


After 3.5 years

Materials needed

Popsicles, paper, pen, stickers, Straight sticks.

  1. Prewriting skills are more critical before the child starts the actual writing. Actual writing needs lots of strength on those little finger muscles. So, always go for loads of prewriting skills before the child begins to write. Please CLICK HERE for more prewriting skills. 
  2. Once the child is ready for writing, we can do many activities to get a clear picture of all the letters in the English alphabet. As most of the letters look the same, most of the kids get confused about differentiating them. 

  3. Understanding the concept of basic shapes helps them to differentiate the letters. All the English letters come under these few shapes. They are standing lines, Sleeping lines, Slanting lines, two different curves. If the child understood these basic shapes, they could write and identify the letters quickly. Some of the kids recognize and write all the letters without following any particular step by step procedure. It is great to do so. But I love this concept of understanding the basics of lines and curves. Along with letter identification, these lines help to know other concepts as well. 

Benefits of Standing and Sleeping lines:

  • 1. Children can form a letter if they know this concept very well. List Item #1
  • 2. Along with letters, understanding these lines helps them to sharpen their imaginary skills. They try to create anything with this basic understanding
  • 3. They can understand the meaning of horizontal and vertical lines. We can say the sleeping line as horizontal and standing as a vertical one.
  • Yay!! Let’s have a look into different activities that we did to understand the concept. I can say this is the most enjoyable activity for her in recent days. 
  • First, we have started with pattern formation using the concept with materials like popsicles and sticks.
  • She understood the concept of three different kinds of lines. Then both of us formed various patterns and shapes by using those lines. 
  • Then slowly, we have moved to numbers and Alphabets
  • We did all letters and numbers. It was a really fun activity, and my daughter loves it. 
  • After popsicle, we have tried with stems—this time with a twist. 
Pre-writing skill activities
  • I haven’t done it with her. I told a letter/alphabet, and she formed it on her own. 
  • She remembers the letter/number, and by pronouncing the line style, she did it. After completion, she has counted the slanting, sleeping, slanting line in a particular letter/alphabet. 
  • After doing many hands-on activities we have started with paper and pencil.
Pre-writing skill activities
  • I wrote all the different styles on the left side and she did the remaining.


Pre-writing skill activities
  • Kind of coding activity. I have pasted the stickers and wrote different styles next to it.
  • She has to draw them as per the stickers.
  • But she doesn’t want to do the same , so she did as per her choice.
Pre-writing skill activities
  • She drew this house and car by telling the styles of all lines and curves. 
  • How cute is this ?

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