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Learning and understanding Mother tongue is more important for anyone. Learning any language through interactive and interesting activity helps the child to get attach to the subject. They can learn it quickly with more interest. Please click the below links to purchase and download Tamil printable bundle . The Tamil busy bundle contains 13 different learning activities. 

  1. Uyir ezhuthukkal identification
  2. Mei Ezhuthukkal identification
  3. Uyir Mei ezhuthukkal identification
  4. Tamil Jumbled words – Find the correct word from scrambled words
  5. Tamil letters Word search
  6. Find the Tamil letter from combination of two letters.
  7. Find and mark the first letter.
  8. Find the missing letter.
  9. Find the missing letter for Tamil numbers.
  10. Find the correct letter and complete the word.
  11. Find the sequence of letters – Uyir Ezhuthukkal
  12. Find the sequence of letters – Uyir Mei Ezhuthukkal
  13. Find the correct Tamil names.
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